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Latest News On TGA 2023
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All The Game Award for Game of the Year winners in order
All The Game Award for Game of the Year winners in order The Game Awards have started to feel more like an advertising campaign than an awards show , but it still is an important way for the best games of the year to get some major recognition. TGA is heading towards its 11th year, and in the past decade it’s had the chance to highlight some of the best games ever made.  Screenshot by MobyGames 2014 - Dragon Age: Inquisition - Bioware The Other Contenders Bayonetta 2 Dark Souls II Hearthstone  Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor The Game Awards kicked off in 2014, and that year’s top contenders and GotY winner established a bit of a trend for the show – the tendency to favor sprawling, open-world fantasy games over smaller titles and sequels over new IP. While that trend may not be ideal, it shouldn’t reflect poorly on Dragon Age: Inquisition , which is a great RPG that you can easily sink hundreds of hours into even if you haven’t played the two games that come before it.  Image via CD Projekt Red 2015 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - CD Projekt Red  The Other Contenders Bloodborne Metal Gear Solid V Super Mario Maker Fallout 4 Wild Hunt had some stiff competition in 2015, but it ended up winning not just Game of the Year, but also Best Role-Playing Game, and Developer of the Year for CD Projekt Red. Thanks to its fully realized character, masterfully crafted world, and staggering amount of side content, The Witcher 3 is still looked at as one of the best RPGs ever made.  Screenshot via Blizzard 2016 - Overwatch  - Blizzard Entertainment  The Other Contenders Titanfall 2 Doom Inside Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End The 2016 Game Awards were the best yet for multiplayer games. Though it had some strong competition, Blizzard’s Overwatch came out on top. The first-person, team-based shooter put another notch in Blizzard’s belt of astounding successful multiplayer games. It inspired legions of fans and led to a much less well-received sequel .  Image via Nintendo 2017 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo EPD The Other Contenders PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Persona 4 Horizon Zero Dawn Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo had two chances to win Game of the Year heading into the 2017 Game Awards. While the contenders are all great games, no one was surprised when Breath of the Wild walked away with the award. The game completely rewrote everyone’s expectation for a Zelda entry and gave us an open world that is still one of the most fun to explore in all of gaming.  Screenshot via Sony Interactive Entertainment 2018 - God of War - Santa Monica Studio  The Other Contenders Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Marvel’s Spider-Man Monster Hunter: World Red Dead Redemption 2  2018’s Game of the Year winner also rebooted the formula of a longstanding franchise. From combat to storytelling, God of War improved just about everything that previous games had introduced, and it breathed life into a franchise that hadn’t seen a new entry in half a decade. Its sequel was also a GotY contender, but for my money I’d take the 2018 game.  Screenshot via Activision 2019 - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - FromSoftware The Other Contenders  Control Death Stranding The Outer Worlds Resident Evil 2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sekiro brought FromSoftware back into Game of the Year territory, and it’s easy to see why. It took the mechanics fans loved from the other Souls games and combined them with entirely new exploration and stealth systems. It also laid the groundwork for FromSoftware’s next masterpiece: Elden Ring .  Screenshot by Destructoid. 2020 - The Last of Us Part II - Naughty Dog  The Other Contenders Animal Crossing: New Horizons Doom Eternal Final Fantasy VII Remake Ghost of Tsushima Hades The Last of Us Part II is arguably the most controversial Game of the Year winner, but that has less to do with the situation at The Game Awards and more with the general reception of Part II in the first place. Despite the controversy, Part II undeniably pushed the envelope on video game storytelling, and it did that while making significant gameplay improvements to The Last of Us and showering us with eye-popping visuals.   Image via EA 2021 - It Takes Two - Hazelight Studios The Other Contenders Deathloop Metroid Dread Psychonauts 2 Rachet & Clank: Rift Apart Resident Evil Village It Takes Two really stands out among the other GotY winners because it's co-op only, a feature that’s as integral to the story as it is to the actual gameplay. It’s becoming harder to find good co-op games, especially ones with couch co-op as an option, and It Takes Two remains one of the very best options for playing with a friend that there’s ever been.  2022 - Elden Ring - FromSoftware The Other Contenders God of War Ragnarök A Plague Tale: Requiem Stray Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Horizon Forbidden West Just three years after winning Game of the Year with Sekiro , FromSoftware was back at it with Elden Ring . We’ve got to pour one out for the Horizon franchise that just can’t seem to catch a break, but it’s hard to argue that Elden Ring didn’t earn the award. It not only created one of the biggest open worlds ever, but it filled that world with all kinds of secrets to discover, areas to explore, and bizarre NPCs to meet (and kill).  Screenshot via Larian Studios 2023 - Baldur’s Gate 3 - Larian Studios The Contenders Alan Wake 2 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Resident Evil 4 Super Mario Bros. Wonder In the best and worst year for gaming, 9,000 people working in the industry lost their jobs over the course of 2023, and at the same time we saw some incredible games debut. The level of detail, and the freedom of player expression in Baldur’s Gate 3 is absolutely mind-boggling, and it raises the bar for the entire art form. The post All The Game Award for Game of the Year winners in order appeared first on Destructoid .
DestructoidApr 10
Larian CEO Shares Heartfelt Tweets of His Intended TGA Speech
Larian CEO Shares Heartfelt Tweets of His Intended TGA SpeechLarian boss Swen Vincke heaps praise onto the team and players in a series of tweets following the games TGA sweep.
GamepurDec 14
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Hogwarts Legacy's TGA Snubs Likely Mark the Start of an Unfortunate Trend
Hogwarts Legacy's TGA Snubs Likely Mark the Start of an Unfortunate TrendHogwarts Legacy was largely absent from the Game Award festivities, which could prove to be difficult for the future of the franchise.
Game RantDec 12
Sega Says Sonic the Hedgehog Helped Revive Dormant Franchises
Sega Says Sonic the Hedgehog Helped Revive Dormant FranchisesFollowing the surprise announcement of Sega reviving several dormant properties at TGA, Sega's co-COO credits these reboots to Sonic's recent success.
Game RantDec 9
Baldur’s Gate 3 stealthily releases on Xbox Series X|S after TGA
Baldur’s Gate 3 stealthily releases on Xbox Series X|S after TGA Immediately following The Game Awards where Baldur's Gate 3 won the Game of the Year award , Larian Studios released the game on Xbox Series X|S. According to Larian, the Xbox version of the GOTY will include the newly released Patch 5 which is a very substantial update. Those looking to pick up the game digitally can now do so on the Xbox Store . Physical copies will ship early next year. Even though we knew the Xbox version was on the way, it will surely come as a nice surprise for Xbox gamers to finally get the opportunity to jump into this epic game. With the release, Baldur's Gate 3 is now officially available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The post Baldur’s Gate 3 stealthily releases on Xbox Series X|S after TGA appeared first on Destructoid .
DestructoidDec 8
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Announced at TGA 23
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Announced at TGA 23Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons remake was officially announced at The Game Awards on December 7, 2023. This reveal has ended the waves of speculation and leaks that were swirling around the gaming community. Originally launched in 2013, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” quickly captured the hearts of players with its innovative gameplay … The post Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Announced at TGA 23 appeared first on Future Game Releases .
Future Game ReleasesDec 8
Players’ Voice voting opens for The Game Awards 2023
Players’ Voice voting opens for The Game Awards 2023 The Game Awards 2023 takes place on December 7, and as usual, Geoff Keighley will serve as host. Voting for the Player's Voice award has opened, and the list of impressive nominees will make picking the best tough this year. The award is 100% determined by fan votes and occurs over three rounds. The first round is open and there are 30 games to choose from. You're allowed to pick ten titles you want to make it to the next round. Round 1 ends on November 29 at 6 PM PT. In Round 2, you'll get to pick 5 games from the top 10 of the previous round. This round begins on November 30 at 9 AM PT and ends on December 2 at 9 PM PT. The find round will feature 5 games and it's up to players to pick the final winner. It begins on December 4 at 9 AM PT and ends on December 7 at 6 PM PT. The following 30 games are available for you to vote for: Alan Wake 2 Apex Legends Armored Core VI Baldur's Gate 3 Counter-Strike 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Destiny 2 Diablo IV Final Fantasy XVI Fortnite Genshin Impact GTA Online Hi-Fi Rush Hogwarts Legacy Honkai: Star Rail League of Legends Lies of P Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Minecraft Mortal Kombat 1 No Man's Sky Octopath Traveler II Resident Evil 4 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Starfield Street Fighter 6 Super Mario Bros. Wonder The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Valorant Warframe Screenshot via Destructoid An awards show with a few surprises Excitement is usually high for the awards ceremony, and this year's event has already triggered plenty of conversations within gaming communities. Bethesda's first new IP in over two decades hasn't secured a Game of the Year nomination, while Finland has managed to make its mark in the gaming world with Alan Wake 2 scoring the most nominations along with Baldur's Gate 3 . There has been some controversy surrounding Dave the Diver 's nomination as an indie title. Many have argued that it doesn't qualify as an indie game and while Keighley acknowledges the ambiguity surrounding the label , he concludes that it's there because TGA judges decided it's an indie title. This year's ceremony is set to be an eventful one where CRPGs could make history with Baldur's Gate 3 , and Resident Evil 4 could prove that remakes can be just as high quality as new titles. The post Players’ Voice voting opens for The Game Awards 2023 appeared first on Destructoid .
Nov 28
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Geoff Keighley explains why Dave the Diver has been nominated as an indie game
Geoff Keighley explains why Dave the Diver has been nominated as an indie game The annual The Game Awards ceremony is coming up, and thanks to the amazing titles we've received this year, the competition is tight. Host Geoff Keighley recently had a Twitch stream where he addressed questions from the public and spoke a bit about why Dave the Diver has found itself in the Best Independent Game category. As Keighley highlights, people interpret the term indie differently. While some might consider a game's budget, others will look at the team's size, and it's also possible to focus on the aesthetic or scale of the game. Consequently, some have argued that Baldur's Gate 3 is an indie game, or even Death Stranding which was created by an independent studio despite receiving major funding from PlayStation. In the case of Dave the Diver , the game is made by Mintrocket which is a small, South Korean group. The group is a part of Nexon which is a very large publisher. Keighley explains that you could argue both ways, as the game could be considered indie in spirit, as it is made by a small team that likely had a relatively small budget. However, this doesn't cancel the fact that it is still from a larger entity. Ultimately, Keighley concludes that there are no set rules, and The Game Awards allows people to "use their best judgment." Although TGA judges have decided that it is an indie title, this is certainly not a viewpoint shared by all. As Zoey Handley argues , the indie category should be available for smaller developers without major financial backing to still receive the spotlight. Dave the Diver 's nomination potentially signals "that any major corporation can produce a game with pixel art graphics to buy away that recognition." One can easily see how this could end up pushing genuinely small creators out of their own category. Screenshot by Destructoid. Geoff Keighley answers your burning The Game Awards questions Keighley touched on several other topics as he addressed questions posed to him on Twitch. He confirmed that the security will be tightened this time around. This is to be expected, as troublemakers have found their way onto Keighley's stage a few times prior, including at this year's Gamescom Opening Night Live where a troll ran on stage demanding GTA 6 . Though he wouldn't go into details for security reasons, he states the following: "we definitely have plans and we’re trying to do all we can to keep me safe, but also everyone watching the show, the audience, people participating in the show and everything." He speaks about the possibility of new categories being added to the event and confirms that it is something that is always being discussed. Categories that have been proposed include Best DLC and Best Remake, but Keighley explains that one of the problems is that there may not always be 5 or 6 great remakes a year to fill the category. Keighley also mentions that there won't be any "world premier" title cards this year. This doesn't mean there won't be big announcements. Instead, because of the nebulous nature of the phrase "world premier," they'd rather just treat it all as great gaming content. He speaks a bit about his relationship with FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki. He explains that he has worked with the Elden Ring director and that he is very grateful for his contributions to Summer Game Fest. A viewer asks Keighley what the trophies are made of. Interestingly, Keighley explains that they're "steel plated" and made in New Zealand. For more traditional indie titles, check out the Best Indie Debut category. As Keighley explains, this category typically features games from small teams with minimal funding. These games aren't receiving help from large corporations which perhaps makes them indie in the purest sense. The Game Awards stream globally on December 7, 2023. You can watch it on YouTube and Twitch . The post Geoff Keighley explains why Dave the Diver has been nominated as an indie game appeared first on Destructoid .
Nov 27
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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 delayed until the second half of 2024
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 delayed until the second half of 2024 Honor and glory in battle will have to wait, as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 has been delayed for about a year. Publisher Focus Entertainment is holding the release to "properly polish the game." It's the common reason for delays, even though this one is certainly significant. The game was initially poised to drop late this year, but is now scheduled for "the second half of 2024." Focus Entertainment won't let next month be without Space Marine goodness, however. It plans to reveal the launch date "in early December" — which may mean some news during The Game Awards. We'll have to wait for December 7 to know for sure. Image via Focus Entertainment Space Marine 2 gets delayed, Tyranids rejoice It would be appropriate for the publisher to reveal the date at TGA 2023, all things considered. The game was revealed during the 2021 Game Awards, delighting fans of the niche hack-and-slash game. It was welcome news. The original Space Marine graced us way back in 2011, during a time when everything was brown. It was brown, like any game of that era, but its intense combat also awarded players with plenty of satisfying red. Starring Captain Titus, your job was to tear through Orks with reckless abandon. It was received well and earned itself a cult following over time. Space Marine wasn't a complex game, but the mindless slaughter and spectacle made for a cathartic experience. The sequel sees Captain Titus return, this time against a new foe. He and his fellows now face the Tyranids, basically giant space cockroaches. Based on what we've seen so far, the gameplay doesn't seem too much different than that of the original. Of course, there's no real reason to add too much and ruin a perfectly good recipe. The post Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 delayed until the second half of 2024 appeared first on Destructoid .
Nov 22
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