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Dungeon Inn - Demo Update 2
Dungeon Inn - Demo Update 2Changed UI/UX at 'Manage Inn' New Events, Fame, Inn Ability, New language Added (French).
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Rise Again - Demo is out Now!
Rise Again - Demo is out Now!Witness the adventures of a cursed wizard in ever-changing dungeons.
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Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure Early Access Review
Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure Early Access ReviewIn Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure, you discover an ancient and lost ability—Automated industry! Using the power of a mysterious artifact fallen from the sky, you construct an army of automaton workers and bring property to your tiny village with the help of the cutest little labor force you’ll ever meet. Getting right into the game, […] The post Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure Early Access Review appeared first on Try Hard Guides .
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Over The Top: WWI alpha Playtest
Over The Top: WWI alpha PlaytestFirst public alpha Playtest will be from the 13th till 14th April 2024!
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Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode is now playable on Steam
Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode is now playable on Steam One of the most popular and emblematic indie games of all time, Dwarf Fortress , took its time coming out on Steam . Its Steam release included a fancy new GUI , but no single-dwarf Adventure Mode, which was a shame. Thankfully, that's all changing right now. Indeed, Adventure Mode is now out! More specifically, Dwarf Fortress 's long-anticipated Adventure Mode is now available on Steam in its beta form, allowing anyone intrigued by the prospect to give it a fair shake. Its appeal lies mainly in the fact that Adventure Mode doesn't saddle you with a whole civilization's worth of Dwarves to manage right off the bat. Instead, in Adventure Mode, it's just your custom-built avatar and either one of your previously colonized worlds or a newly generated one instead. It is, therefore, a more focused and far simpler experience than you'd get in a regular Fortress Mode game of Dwarf Fortress . Access Dwarf Fortress: Adventure Mode via Steam now Anyone interested in Dwarf Fortress 's Adventure Mode can download its beta build by doing the following: Right-click Dwarf Fortress in your Steam Library Go to the 'Properties' menu Select the 'Betas' option and then select the 'beta - Public beta branch' option from the dropdown list This will kickstart the updated download and get you into Adventure Mode in short order. Curiously, it would appear that Adventure Mode comes with its own exclusive soundtrack made by Dabu and Simon Swerwer. The OST is already purchasable on Steam, and it's interesting to note that this suite of music "will not be in Fortress mode for now," as per the official blog. The reason Adventure Mode is only in beta at this time is that the developer Bay 12 Games has a lot more to do before the mode is polished up enough for full release. As per the official announcement from the devs, they still wish to do all of the following: Resolve all major crashes Improve the quest log and information UIs, among a variety of other interfaces Add butchering and crafting, ability use, composing, motion and attack indicators, building interactions, wrestle buttons, stealth vision arcs, and heaps more Improve certain aspects of the UI in general, such as the hatch and ramp prompts Complete Adventure Mode's full graphics and audio assets, as not all of them have made their way into the beta just yet And this, as per the developer, is just scratching the surface of what else is coming to Adventure Mode and Dwarf Fortress proper. A long list, then, but that's just how it is with Dwarf Fortress ! The post Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode is now playable on Steam appeared first on Destructoid .
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Blood Rush update
Blood Rush updateUpcoming roguelite that blends ULTRAKILL and Hades for a fast paced experience.
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Corona Celestia - Behemoth Prototype
Corona Celestia - Behemoth PrototypeA thematic and narrative expansion of Corona Celestia with new gameplay features.
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Antonblast is already being defended over unfair Pizza Tower comparisons
Antonblast is already being defended over unfair Pizza Tower comparisons Upcoming indie title Antonblast has drawn a lot of comparisons with 2023's Pizza Tower , to the point where some are calling the former a Pizza Tower clone, a sentiment that others have quickly hit back against. Nintendo's latest Indie World Showcase aired earlier today, and one of the games featured was Antonblast , an upcoming 2D platformer that admittedly shares a few hallmarks with indie darling Pizza Tower . Both boast fast-paced gameplay, a rather manic art style done in pixel art graphics, and stages that, once completed, require you to run back through them while a timer counts down. However, it's unfair to dismiss Antonblast as a Pizza Tower clone when there's a simple explanation as to why they share a lot of DNA. It's because both games are influenced by Nintendo's own Wario Land series, which saw Wario barrel through levels and then, upon reaching the goal, rush through them in reverse before a time limit runs out. On social media, there are those who think Antonblast and Pizza Tower are a bit too much alike; one user on X (formerly Twitter) even assumed they're from the same developer, while another thought they were the exact same game . Plenty of people, though, have jumped to Antonblast 's defense and are doing what they can to stop assumptions of it being a Pizza Tower copycat from spreading any further. Twitter users have already pushed back against these , quick to point out the Wario Land inspirations . Sadly, the easiest reference point Wario Land 4 isn't readily available. Hopefully Nintendo will add it to its library of GameBoy Advance games on its Nintendo Switch online service. Others, like LordLicoriceDrp have been sharing a fan comic of the two game's protagonists sharing a Predator -style handshake, obviously made to dissuade any hostility between fans of either game. Many seem simply happy to see Antonblast coming to Switch in the first place, especially since Pizza Tower is still locked to PC, with no signs of it ever getting a port. Plus, the Wario Land series has been on hiatus since 2008, so fans of it are just thrilled to see other developers fill the void. The post Antonblast is already being defended over unfair Pizza Tower comparisons appeared first on Destructoid .
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Little Kitty, Big City purrs in a May release date
Little Kitty, Big City purrs in a May release date Little Kitty, Big City kicked off the Nintendo Indie World Showcase with exciting new features and a release date. Double Dagger Studio confirmed its city-fairing kitty will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and PC on May 9, 2024. The showcase revealed a trove of adorable content. As a player, you'll roam about as a curious feline, journeying through the wonders of the big city. The heartwarming goal is to help the kitty find its way back home after an unexpected tumble during a nap. The trailer features a myriad of fun-filled activities, from spotting a chameleon to aiding the sleep-deprived mayor and even unleashing your artistic side. And, of course, what's a cat game without a little mischief? Knocking things over is a feature that can earn you an exclusive cat-chievement, adding a playful twist to the game. To add a personal touch, kitty customization is also a key feature. With a range of hat cosmetics, you can transform the feline into a bunny, apple, or banana, allowing you to create a cat that's uniquely yours. So, if you're a cat lover, stay tuned for Little Kitty, Big City's release on May 9, 2024. Pre-orders will be available later today. The post Little Kitty, Big City purrs in a May release date appeared first on Destructoid .
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Antonblast is a new Wario Land-like with a demo dropping today
Antonblast is a new Wario Land-like with a demo dropping today Today's Indie World Showcase announced Antonblast , a new 2D action platformer that looks to have been inspired by Wario Land . As Dynamite Anton or Dynamite Annie, you'll wield a hammer or mace as you barrel through all manner of stages to reclaim your spirit collection from the devil himself. Much like in Wario Land , Anton and Annie boast a dash attack to plow through enemies and obstacles, and completing a stage will require you to rush back through it in reverse before a timer runs out. Developer Summitsphere, which ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for the game on Kickstarter in 2022, has cited Wario Land as one of its chief influences. However, with its zany pixel art visuals, fast-paced platforming, and copious amounts of destruction and explosions, it brings to mind not just Nintendo's own series, but indie hit Pizza Tower as well. With Nintendo not doing anything with the Wario Land series (the last entry came out in 2008), and Pizza Towe r still locked to PC, Antonblast may be the perfect substitute for Nintendo Switch owners. Although it's only described as a temproary exclusive, meaning it'll likely come to both PlayStation and Xbox down the line. For the time being, Antonblast is scheduled for a November 12 launch on Switch and PC via Steam. There'll also be a demo later today (in fact, it may already be available by the time you read this), so you can give it a try for yourself if you can't wait another seven months. The post Antonblast is a new Wario Land-like with a demo dropping today appeared first on Destructoid .
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