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Timeline Tuesday: Apocalypse Gamilla
Timeline Tuesday: Apocalypse GamillaA Genesis: BoC Decktech Series Genesis deckbuilding can get a little math-y with balancing chi values, aura pools, and having no card limit, so I’m here to help breakdown some fun archetypes you can expand on or rip apart and completely remake with your own ideas! We’re gonna take a card and build an entire … The post Timeline Tuesday: Apocalypse Gamilla appeared first on BrutalGamer .
BrutalGamerJul 23
Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit Dated
Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit Dated Square Enix will release the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit with booster packs of the new cards on July 26, 2024. The $45.99 set gives people a chance to start building decks with and using the cards ahead of the August 2, 2024 release.  The bundle basically gives people access to a number of opportunities to start putting together a deck with the new cards. There are nine booster packs, each with 12 cards inside. You also get the FFXV Lunafreya promo card. So that’s 109 cards total. You also get one sleeve pack for the expansion. Square Enix already confirmed Hidden Trials will have 130 normal cards and 162 Premium Foil ones in this set. Ahead of the expansion’s release, Square Enix shared some of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials cards via various means. For example, the product listing for the Pre-Release Kit shows how the Lunafreya card looks, and the initial announcement showed ones for Lightning from FFXIII and Kuja from FFIX . However, while the Lunafreya card notes its stats and abilities, the Lightning and Kuja ones don't offer additional information on them. An official “sneak peak” in June 2024 showed matching Palom and Porom FFIV cards, as well as an Asura one. There will also be a FFVII Vincent card drawn by Gen Kobayashi.  Here’s how those seven Final Fantasy Trading Card Game cards will look: Lunafreya Lightning Kuja Vincent Palom Porom Asura Images via Square Enix TCGTacos showed off the new FFXIII-2 Serah card. There’s also going to be a FFXII: Revenant Wings card in this expansion, which Forwards of Light shared online: Emotempest shared a FFXV Gladiolus card that taps into the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia art style. Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit launches on July 26, 2024, and the full set is expected to debut on August 2, 2024. The post Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Hidden Trials Pre-Release Kit Dated appeared first on Siliconera .
SiliconeraJul 18
Timeline Tuesday: Proteus Big Stuff
Timeline Tuesday: Proteus Big StuffA Genesis: BoC Decktech Series Genesis deckbuilding can get a little math-y with balancing chi values, aura pools, and having no card limit, so I’m here to help breakdown some fun archetypes you can expand on or rip apart and completely remake with your own ideas! We’re gonna take a card and build an entire … The post Timeline Tuesday: Proteus Big Stuff appeared first on BrutalGamer .
BrutalGamerJul 16
How to Get Xiphos’ Moonlight in Genshin Impact
How to Get Xiphos’ Moonlight in Genshin Impact In Genshin Impact , Xiphos’ Moonlight is a fantastic Sword for characters who rely on Elemental Reactions. It’s also fairly easy to get, making it fantastic for players who don’t necessarily want to spend too much real-world money or precious Primogems on the weapon banner. Where is Xiphos' Moonlight in Genshin Impact ? Xiphos’ Moonlight is a 4-star Weapon that you can get from the Epitome Invocation banners. It usually appears on rate-up whenever Key of Khaj-Nisut (Nilou’s signature weapon) is around, meaning that it will be available on the Phase I Version 4.8 banner too. This is, as of the time of writing, the only method to get Xiphos’ Moonlight in Genshin Impact . Is Xiphos’ Moonlight worth it? Yes! Yes, Xiphos’ Moonlight works very well with a wide number of useful Sword users. You can even give it to a 5-star character if you don’t have their signature weapon and it can serve as one of their better alternatives. The following effect is for R1: Jinni’s Whisper The following effect will trigger every 10s: The equipping character will gain 0.036% Energy Recharge for each point of Elemental Mastery they possess for 12s, with nearby party members gaining 30% of this buff for the same duration. Multiple instances of this weapon can allow this buff to stack. This effect will still trigger even if the character is not on the field. It also has Elemental Mastery as its main stat. This makes the weapon a very good one to use in team compositions that rely heavily on Elemental Mastery or Elemental Reactions. It provides both Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge in one weapon, meaning you don’t have to worry as much when farming Artifacts for your character. Because the effect can stack and there’s a high chance that you’ll get multiple copies of Xiphos’ Moonlight due to its 4-star status, you could potentially deck out multiple characters with the weapon instead of immediately throwing them into Weapon Refinement or using them as experience fodder. Who should use Xiphos’ Moonlight Anyone who needs high Elemental Mastery can make use of Xiphos’ Moonlight. This includes: Alhaitham Kazuha Lynette Nilou Shinobu Xingqiu Depending on your build, you could also give it to characters like Ayaka, Jean, and Layla. Genshin Impact is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. The post How to Get Xiphos’ Moonlight in Genshin Impact appeared first on Siliconera .
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Ultraman TCG to Come Out in 15 Different Countries
Ultraman TCG to Come Out in 15 Different Countries A TCG based on Ultraman , appropriately named Ultraman Card Game , will come out on October 25, 2024. For the first time in TCG history, it’ll have a simultaneous release in 15 different countries and regions, as well as in four different languages. [Thanks, Famitsu !] Like most trading card games, the Ultraman Card Game is suitable for both children and adults. Aside from using it to play against other people, you can also just collect the cards. So far, there isn’t a lot of information on the game. However, Tsuburaya Production is already planning to have global tournaments in 2025 and 2026. Play tests will appear around the world some time in July 2024, with participants receiving a free deck. The YouTube channel for the game will also give a demonstration on how to play it. The four languages that you’ll be able to play the TCG in are English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. A sample card showing the different languages is Ultraman Zero: Plasma Spark Slash. The effect reads that you can give a Zero card 2000 BP for one turn. It’s likely that the cards will be divided based on the different Ultramen in the series in a way that’s similar to how Union Arena TCG divides the different cards based on home series. The Ultraman Card Game TCG will come out on October 25, 2024. The post Ultraman TCG to Come Out in 15 Different Countries appeared first on Siliconera .
SiliconeraJul 11
Genesis: Battle of Champions Kickstarter: Everything So Far
Genesis: Battle of Champions Kickstarter: Everything So FarThe last stream of June, Edge of Exile Entertainment left us with a bombshell announcement: a new Kickstarter. In spite of some misgivings over the previous Genesis Kickstarter, their approach at least deserves attention. Kickstart my deck July 1st, they released a new promotional video with more details regarding the Kickstarter (including hard numbers on … The post Genesis: Battle of Champions Kickstarter: Everything So Far appeared first on BrutalGamer .
BrutalGamerJul 4
See a Life Is Strange: Double Exposure FFVII Outfit for Max
See a Life Is Strange: Double Exposure FFVII Outfit for Max As part of the Life is Strange: Double Exposure Ultimate Edition, people will get a FFVII Outfit Pack for Max. Ahead of the game’s launch in October 2024 , Square Enix offered a first look at a Moogle outfit that Max can wear on social media .  We had an idea of how the Max Moogle outfit pack costume inspired by the mascot in FFVII would look thanks to the Microsoft Store product page for the Ultimate Edition. It featured thumbnails for all of the five pieces of costume DLC would look. However, it didn’t give us an idea of how it could appear in-action in-game.  The new screenshot shows Max in-game, sitting on a bench with snow in the background, as she is wearing the Moogle hat and white coat. Here’s how that looks: Image via Square Enix The FFVII Moogle outfit is the only crossover costume confirmed for Max in Life is Strange: Double Exposure . The $79.99 Ultimate Edition also gives buyers Decades, Fan Favorite, Paw Prints, and Spooky Outfit Packs for the character. People will also get “exclusive cat content.” The Decades and Spooky Outfit Packs will also be available in the $59.99 Deluxe Edition. Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 29, 2024. A Nintendo Switch version will also appear. The post See a Life Is Strange: Double Exposure FFVII Outfit for Max appeared first on Siliconera .
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CRKD Nitro Deck+ Brings New Features. Is It Worth It?
CRKD Nitro Deck+ Brings New Features. Is It Worth It? The Nitro Deck+, from Embracer-owned outfit CRKD, follows up on the original Deck, a popular controller option for the Switch. That one-piece Joy-Con replacement sported Hall Effect sticks, a more Steam Deck-like form factor, and a whole line of aesthetics for style or nostalgia. We took a look at that first model, but now CRKD is looking to address a few shortcomings with this new revision. Let’s start by talking about the new controls! The Nitro Deck+ swaps the position of the thumbsticks, using a symmetrical layout. It was apparently a big request, but ultimately it’s a matter of choice. It’s true that many games prioritize analog control and all the extra programmable buttons are there to let you keep thumbs on sticks at all times, but also this change deviates from the Switch’s default scheme and could result in some weirdness. The Switch’s base configuration gives players some latitude to hold it in different ways, letting you position your hands to be comfortable with buttons regardless of scheme or hand size. The Nitro Deck+ wants you to hold it one specific way, and that's higher up than you'd like when you need to use the D-pad and face buttons. There are two new inputs, which CRKD dubs “sidekick buttons,” to the side of the analog sticks. There may be a use for them, in addition to the four paddles on the back, and that mobile app does let you remap them as you wish. Honestly, we thought we'd have trouble finding a use case for the new side buttons! They're in a weird position, and they don't make much sense during action. But combined with the stick swap on the right and the Nitro Deck’s general heft, we found it comfortable to use them to button through menus and prompts between bouts of action. While testing this, we've also been working on our Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble review , and it's been a great test of control precision. For context, we've otherwise been using a Switch Lite and a Pro Controller, both with a few years of use, so it may not be entirely fair to the others to compare. That said, the Nitro Deck+’s buttons also feel stiff in a way that could perhaps use some breaking in, so maybe things balance out in the end. Still, even without fiddling with the app settings, the Deck+ offered more precise and granular control and made navigating boards marginally, but noticeably, easier. About half the inputs – A, B, X, Y, ZL, ZR and the menu buttons – are glossy, while the D-pad, bumpers and extra keys are matte. This is a preference thing, for sure, but we're a fan of matte for long-term use. It's certainly a bit peculiar to see the device split the difference like this. It was also like this in the first model, so it's something CRKD has committed to doing. The Bluetooth function added in this new version may not be what you expect. It’s not going to allow you to use it as a proper Pro Controller, sitting separate from the console, likely in the event you needed another pad for multiplayer. There’s no internal battery, so you can use it, but you’ll need to plug in with a cable. What it does , though, is allow you connect it to the company’s app. This is for firmware updates and customizing the control mapping, and with so many extra buttons, that easier remapping might be nice. (There are also instructions for remapping the buttons without the app in the online manual, which reminded us of the good old universal TV remote days.) Our experience with the app was a bit shaky — it would lose connection with the device fairly quickly — but it functioned for remapping the inputs. Of course, to get there, you have to push through the company’s near-insufferable “collection” strategy, registering your device to an account and either capturing your “reaction” to your device’s serial number or saying no to about 12 system prompts trying to access your microphone and camera. Oofa doofa, this is a choice. The Nitro Deck+ also adds a “docked mode,” which again might come with some caveats. You’ll need a USB-C-to-HDMI adapter, which the company sells separately. And you theoretically can continue to use the controls while you do it? But that’s really going to depend on your cable length. The HDMI and power cables need to be plugged in at all times, so that doesn’t seem ideal. And in our testing, even when we nestled right up to the screen, minor hand movements would jostle the cables and briefly lose connection. In practicality, we’d really call it more of “dock mode.” Doubling as a dock replacement, either so you can keep the Nitro Deck+ assembled or so you can plug up to a secondary display without buying another first-party one, could be useful! But in those cases, we’d probably still recommend using a different controller. The more robust kickstand on the back of the unit is a significant help for such a use case, too. There’s also an eject button now? It doesn’t push the system out of the Deck in the way you’d want, but it’s possible that wasn’t something they could engineer. Instead, it’s a latch you pull to make it hold onto the Switch less firmly, so it can keep its snug fit and help you get the system out when needed too. Since the device just plugs in to the USB-C port and functions like a wired Pro Controller instead of clicking into the Joy-Con rails, it’s likely that CRKD had to come up with some scheme like this to be more secure. The aesthetic choices of the Nitro Deck+ are a bit “where do we go from here,” after all the choice options of the first model. There are two colors available for the new device at launch, with our review unit sporting a clear white front, solid white back and black buttons. The bases of the analog sticks are also metallic purple, for some reason? These choices could absolutely work for you, but they're not the home run of the nostalgia-bait ones or the safe one-color offerings. There are benefits to CRKD’s approach, but it does come at a cost: weight. It's comfortable for a while, but having spent so much time in recent years with the Switch Lite, it's become a great platform for longer sessions. Whether it's the Steam Deck or the Ayaneo Slide, a heavier portable has remained in our rotation! And this feels a lot like those, with good grip and larger controls. But our wrists often give out before the battery does. If you're playing a game that puts more focus on the face buttons, you'll need to use a grip that makes the device more top-heavy, compounding the effect a bit. The CRKD Nitro Deck+ is available through the company’s site for $69.99, or a bundle including the HDMI adapter for $10 more. For more on the Nitro Deck line of accessories, check out our look at the original model . The post CRKD Nitro Deck+ Brings New Features. Is It Worth It? appeared first on Siliconera .
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Review: SunnySide Is Ambitious, But Underwhelming
Review: SunnySide Is Ambitious, But Underwhelming SunnySide falls into the age-old trap of being a game that isn’t quite ready for most players to jump into at this point. This ambitious farming sim and RPG contains an unbelievable amount of depth and systems, but every aspect of from the UI to how it plays undermines its promise. If you’ve played games like Stardew Valley or Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town , you’ll recognize the impetus for the plot. You move from the big city in Japan to a small town in the countryside to start over. Your highly customizable player character inherits an extremely empty piece of land to farm and build up to your liking. Screenshot by Siliconera To SunnySide’s credit, this game is about as freeing as it gets when it comes to the genre. You can truly make your character look like you or whoever you want due to so many aspects to tweak, from weight to facial features to hair to even gender identity. However, the 3D graphics look a bit bland, especially when it comes to character models. This is a shame, since the actual 2D character portraits look fantastic. That said, the welcome depth of customization helps to somewhat offset that. After all, your farm is a blank canvas to call your own. You can build every inch of your farm and house from a lowly tent to a burgeoning mansion. In this way, the game feels like a survival crafting experience, but this is only a sliver of the experiences SunnySide has to offer. There is also the entire farming aspect, where players plant seeds, water them, and sell them to make cash to unlock more materials, buildings, gifts, and upgrades. If that isn’t enough, there is even simplistic turn-based RPG combat. However, it feels like even more of an afterthought than similar battle systems in other games like Stardew Valley. You can go dozens of hours without really diving into the linear dungeons and straightforward fights. There is little depth to this outside of a few commands and the deck-like system of collecting different Ofuda for effects. Collecting Ofuda starts out fun, but the relatively breezy difficulty ensures it doesn’t feel as necessary as it could. I wish the turn-based combat had more of a prominence in the overall progression of the game. All of these different aspects are wrapped up in a smartphone-based interface, which feels intuitive. However, it is SunnySide’s ambition that is also its downfall. While I am grateful to have so many different activities, none of them feel complete or worth diving into. A huge part of this comes from how poorly everything runs. This game is sometimes a challenge to play due to how it barely chugs along, especially in the outdoor, open-world areas. Yet it even takes its time loading and running at a snail’s pace at times indoors as well. This could be because I spent most of my time on Steam Deck, where the frame rate is all over the place. To make matters worse, the frequent pop-ins and sluggish loading hurts it even more. Image via Merge Games To give it a fair shake, I booted SunnySide up on a beefier gaming PC. Unfortunately, it didn’t fare much better there than on Steam Deck. It ran a little smoother in some areas, but still had major visual and performance hiccups. Without a doubt, this game has some of the most atrocious optimization I’ve seen in a while. Sadly, the problems don’t stop there. While the game has controller support, it doesn’t work all that well. The general movement controls are fine and using tools feels acceptable, but the interface is a mess to deal with. Most of the menus use a cursor to deal with the menu, inventory, and even phone. It is pretty slow and imprecise, leading to me wasting more time in the menus than necessary. This is even worse when you consider how almost everything is in the phone menu, such as messages and even the world map. However, there is one element that may never get a fix, and that is the romance system. Having 25 romanceable characters sounds impressive, but this hides some serious issues with dating in the game. Every character has a dating preference on the gender expression scale. This scale is what players use during character creation to determine their identity. Basically, you have a 10-point scale for masculinity, 10-point scale for femininity, and non-binary right in the middle. You can pick your gender identity anywhere along the spectrum, which is quite neat. However, there are some issues with this system, and that's mostly in it's execution. Screenshot by Siliconera Fall in love with Hanako, for example, but aren’t feminine? So sorry, but you’re out of luck. I think the idea of centering around this isn’t inherently bad; after all, other farming sim series locked romances behind gender in the past. The problem is you have to research each character ahead of time to know their preferences, and there is no way to change your gender identity at this time once you've left the character creator. This actually feels ironically backwards in a way, since gender identity can be fluid and offering a way to change your gender identity within the game would let players experiment. It is a shame, too, since the most joy I had with this game was speaking and hanging out with the characters. You can tell SunnySide ’s developer took notes from the Persona series. Each character has different levels to their friendship where you get to learn more about them. Some of the stories are pretty emotional, genuinely funny, and quite diverse. The writing, in general, is actually quite brilliant. It just sucks that there is so much frustration with the controls, performance, and UI the vast majority of the time to get to that slim payoff. In the end, this makes SunnySide the epitome of “wait and see” early access title. It simply does too much from its survival mechanics to building to RPG combat to farming and relationships. Screenshot by Siliconera While there is so much to see here, rarely does anything work properly to make the experience feel worthwhile. I do believe there is a solid farming sim RPG in the making with SunnySide , but it could take a long time and plenty of updates to reach that potential. For now, I don’t recommend giving it a look unless you’re okay with quite a lot of grievances. SunnySide is available right now on PCs via Steam. The post Review: SunnySide Is Ambitious, But Underwhelming appeared first on Siliconera .
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Top 10 Steam Summer Sale 2024 games under $10
Top 10 Steam Summer Sale 2024 games under $10 The Steam Summer Sale 2024 is now live and kicking, and there are plenty of titles available for gamers to pick from. In the world of $70 AAA titles, $10 won't usually get you anywhere. But that's where Valve's seasonal sales come in, offering steep discounts on several titles. In fact, there are some fantastic games to choose from, even if you can't spare over $10 to get a game for your summer holidays. 10 Best Steam Summer Sale 2024 games under $10 I have tried to ensure that the games mentioned on this list can cater to gamers' varying tastes. While it's hard to expect recent releases at such low prices, I have included both indie and AAA titles (do remember that these AAA titles have been available for quite some time now, hence the steep discounts). Hades Hades 2 is out on Early Access and the initial reception for the game is excellent. However, you have certainly missed a masterpiece if you are yet to play the first game. There's a lot of carryover, and you can see how parts of this world formed before Melinoë entered the picture. While Hades is well worth its price in full, why not make the most of the 50% discount available on the occasion of the Steam Summer Sale 2024? Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 has often divided the hardcore fans, but I have loved it since trying it out about three years ago. Unlike 2021, you can secure the base version for a hefty discount . While the additional DLCs do add a lot of content, the base package will offer plenty of hours. Moreover, the build system adds the scope for replayability once you're done with the main campaign. The Ultimate Edition is also available at a discount, but doesn't fall under the $10 category. Inscryption Inscryption is one of the best card games I have ever played in my life, and I have played a lot. It's a deckbuilding roguelike, where you try to draft a deck from the cards being dealt to you. It's a bizarre mix of cards and psychological horror mixed with puzzles. Inscryption is a pretty affordable title even at full price, but you can get it at 60% off during the Steam Summer Sale 2024. Green Hell In recent years, many survival games have been released on the market. Some are good, and others not so, and Green Hell definitely falls in the first category. Surviving in the wild on your own is never easy, and the job becomes harder when the entire Amazon rainforest is after your life. I have picked up some really useful life skills at this point by playing this amazing survival simulator from Creepy Jar, and you should do as well . Hollow Knight Hollow Knight: Silksong may be one of the most anticipated games around right now. If you want to know what all the hype's about, there's always the first game to try out. With a 50% discount due to the Steam Summer Sale 2024, there's never been a better time to get a copy. While the core gameplay isn't entirely unique (although it's entertaining), the 2D graphics and hand-drawn art presentation have always been the winners in my books. It's one of the very few games where I have tried to play more after beating it. Vampire Survivors Screenshot by Destructoid You might be wondering why I have kept a game that is originally available for a $5 budget, lest aside 10. I think this is the best chance to get a copy of Vampire Survivors , along with all the paid expansions. Be it the DLCs or the base game, the content is well-worth the price you're paying. For those who already have the base game, make sure to make the most of the discounts on all the paid DLCs . The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Screenshot via CD PROJEKT RED/YouTube The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be getting old now, but it has very little competition, even in 2024. With so much content available (even with the base version), a 90% discount is too good of an opportunity to turn down. The Witcher 3 also received one of its biggest updates earlier in 2022 when CD Projekt Red provided a free next-gen upgrade. If you have a bigger budget, the Complete Edition is also a great deal to consider, offering a 75% discount. Oxygen Not Included Image via Klei Entertainment Oxygen Not Included might seem like a cute space-building colony management title, and it is indeed one. But there's a lot of emphasis on strategy as you explore the depths of space and expand your base. One wrong step and your colony might end up becoming a pool of toxic methane. There's always a new challenge waiting at every moment when surviving in such extreme conditions. A 66% discount has reduced the base version to a price of only $8.49. Pentiment Pentiment is undoubtedly not everyone's cup of tea, as it's a slow-paced, narrative-rich experience. But if the presentation piques your interest, there's a fantastic story here to capture your attention . The story follows a journeyman scribe uncovering the secrets and intrigue within Tassing and Kiersau Abbey, amongst an interesting cast of characters. Interestingly, the graphical presentation is heavily inspired by 16th-century artistry found in the manuscripts of that time. Disco Elysium Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is enjoying a 90% discount as part of the Steam Summer Sale 2024, and yes, this is the record low price for the game. If you haven't played this masterpiece, now is the best chance. This game is undoubtedly the best narrative-rich title I have ever experienced. As a detective, you not only have to solve a case, but also determine what type of human being you want to be. In fact, there are no right or wrong decisions. It all boils down to who you want to, or wish to, be. The post Top 10 Steam Summer Sale 2024 games under $10 appeared first on Destructoid .
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