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Palworld fixes issue where Pals were only doing half their intended damage
Palworld fixes issue where Pals were only doing half their intended damage We're not yet done with Palworld , it seems. Developer Pocketpair recently added in the game's first raid drop and continues to send out patches as the team hopes to move toward a full release. Speaking of patches, the latest one has started rolling out, which fixes a pretty glaring issue that some might not have even been aware of. For those who have the game, version should be available now. It was launched for PC earlier today, with the Xbox Series download just hot on its heels. The update is intended to fix a few bugs with the game, but what's most interesting is where it says the studio has "corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage." According to some of the replies below the post, it's likely some of you who have been playing Palworld may not have even known about the issue. User Slowbro commented , saying they "thought something was up" with how their Pals attacked. Hopefully, this has been now been rectified. Teething problems in Early Access Some of the other bugs that have been fixed with v. include: Corrected the hit detection in the latter parts of the "Nightmare Ray" and "Nightmare Bloom" attacks. Reduced the jittering of sleeping Pals on Pal beds. You can now close the character editing screen of the antique dresser using the ESC key. Corrected other minor bugs. Such issues like this are typical for games that are still in Early Access. Fortunately, most developers are good enough to keep on top of things with regular patches and hotfixes. However, it often leaves fans wondering when a final build of the game will see the light of day. Sadly, we don't know when version 1.0 of Palworld will be released. However, when it does, I suspect it will boost the game's popularity. Perhaps not to the extent we saw when it first launched (it has gone down as one of the most played releases on Steam ever). That very much seemed like a "right place, right time" scenario. The Pokémon controversy may have helped as well. The post Palworld fixes issue where Pals were only doing half their intended damage appeared first on Destructoid .
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Fallout TV show sparks a surge in popularity for the games on Steam
Fallout TV show sparks a surge in popularity for the games on Steam Player counts for the Fallout games on Steam have noticeably risen over the weekend, no doubt thanks to the release of Amazon's Fallout TV show. The Fallout show premiered on Wednesday, April 10 on Amazon Prime video and, barring some initial fan concerns about it rendering Fallout: New Vegas non-canon (it doesn't), it has proven immensely popular, with some considering it one of the best video game adaptations ever made . Naturally, this has led to a sizable uptick in players for the Fallout games over on Steam. In fact, SteamDB reported on Sunday, April 14 via X (formerly Twitter) that the series had more than doubled its concurrent player count. There's obviously no way to tell how much of these players are newcomers who were introduced via the TV show and how much of them are returning fans, but either way series developer Bethesda is bound to be pleased with this reinvigorated level of interest. 2015's Fallout 4 seems to have benefited the most from this. While it was still courting upwards of 19,000 or so players in the days leading up to the show's debut, Fallout 4 's player count steadily shot up to as high as 83,491 on April 14. Console owners will soon have a reason to check out Fallout 4 too since it's getting a fancy update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this month. Multiplayer spin-off Fallout 76 also enjoyed some newfound popularity, with its concurrent player count reaching an all-new peak of 39,455 over the weekend. Considering it was once derided and mocked for its less than stellar launch in 2018 , Fallout 76 seems to have undergone a bit of a redemption arc over the years. As for Fallout: New Vegas , while it hasn't reached the same highs, it still had 19,505 players over the weekend after initially having between 2,000 and 6,000 concurrent players in the days leading up to the TV show. While these are the most noteworthy, they weren't the only games to see an increase in players. Fallout 3 only had a few hundred people playing it but, after the show released, that number shot up to over 6,700 . Some people even flocked to the first two Fallout games, with the first one going from only a couple of hundred players to over 2,300 in the space of a few days . All this points to Fallout 5 having a much larger audience it needs to impress when it comes out. However, that game is likely many years away from coming out. Bethesda's Todd Howard previously said Fallout 5 won't start development until The Elder Scrolls 6 is finished, and that game hasn't seen any tangible updates since its teaser reveal in 2018. At this rate, we could very well see the inevitable second season of the Fallout show come out before Fallout 5 . The post Fallout TV show sparks a surge in popularity for the games on Steam appeared first on Destructoid .
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All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards ranked worst to best
All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards ranked worst to best As well as a host of tech and equipment at your disposal, Phasmophobia offers up Cursed Possession items as well, which can help you out, but also leave you feeling worse off. One such example of this is the Tarot Cards. Whether you're playing with friends or you're doing a solo investigation , these cards can give you an edge, but there's a lot of danger when it comes to using them. Much like the Ouija Board, Monkey Paw , or any other Cursed Possession item, the Tarot Cards have a one in seven chance of spawning when you start a new contract. When you find them, you'll be given ten cards to draw, with each reveal affecting either the player holding them or the ghost itself. Currently, Phasmophobia has ten Tarot Cards that can be pulled. However, it's important to note that they each have their own draw chance, with some being more common than others. This means you can draw a particular card more than once or not have one at all. Below you'll find the effects of each of them in order from worst to best in terms of their danger levels, as well as the chances of drawing each one. The Hanged Man Screenshot via Destructoid. By far the most dangerous Tarot Card in Phasmophobia . This one does not mess about. Quite simply, if a player pulls this one from the pack, they'll immediately be killed. No warning, no hunt. Just *POOF* dead. The sanity level is inconsequential. This means if you've been investigating for a long time, that's it. Game over. Conversely, if you're in a team game and you pull the Hanged Man at the start, you'll be spending the rest of the round wandering about being all ethereal and what-not. Fortunately, it is pretty uncommon to get this one. Chance of drawing this card: 1% (NOTE: this card can't be drawn if playing on a custom difficulty setting with Friendly Ghost turned on.) Death Screenshot via Destructoid. This can be a little confusing. You would assume the Death card would do what the Hanged Man card does. But that isn't the case. However, it can be just as deadly, and does have a higher chance of being drawn when compared to some of the others. When the Death Tarot Card is pulled out, a hunt will begin immediately. Again, it doesn't matter your sanity level. The ghost will be on the prowl. To add insult to injury, it'll be a cursed hunt as well (because the cards are Cursed Possession items), so it'll last longer. Chance of drawing this card: 10% The Moon Screenshot via Destructoid. Our beautiful, spherical satellite in the sky has been the subject of romance and poetry for as long as the written word has existed. The moon, in all its glory, is Earth's companion. But in Phasmo , pulling the Moon Tarot Card will put you on the quick path to death. This is because drawing this card from the deck will reduce your sanity to zero. While it will only affect the player holding the cards, it will still mean the average sanity for the team will also drop. As anyone who's played the game will know, sanity is key to staying alive, so getting the Moon Tarot Card will mean your chances of being hunted are significantly increased. Chance of drawing this card: 5% The Devil Screenshot via Destructoid. This is the first Tarot Card on the list that isn't technically dangerous. It can, however, be a little spooky. When The Devil is revealed, it will immediately initiate a ghost event. This could mean it will manifest and begin humming or whisper in the player's ear. While it's useful for getting a ghost photo, seeing a ghost event will also reduce sanity, so it can still have its downside if you're already running pretty low. Chance of drawing this card: 10% The Wheel of Fortune Screenshot via Destructoid. It's difficult to know how to judge this Tarot Card. On the one hand, the Wheel of Fortune can be good, but it also has an equal chance of it being bad. In a nutshell: it can reduce your sanity by 25% but it can also increase it by the same amount. I'm not quite sure how it decides what the outcome will be, so it could be a 50/50 chance of it doing something good. You'll know which way the wheel has spun by the color that burns after the card is drawn. If it's green, you gain sanity. If it's red, you lose some. It's also one of the most common cards. Chance of drawing this card: 20% The Hermit Screenshot via Destructoid. This is a pretty useful one to pull. When the Hermit Tarot Card is drawn, the ghost will be forced back into its room and will be trapped there for one minute. It's sort of like using a smudge stick, as it prevents a hunt. However, it doesn't work during a hunt, but if you happen to get this card while your sanity is low, it can buy you a bit of time. It's especially useful if you're dealing with something like a Demon or you're playing on Nightmare mode, you absolute maverick, you. Chance of drawing this card: 10% The Tower Screenshot via Destructoid. Much like the Devil card, the Tower will force the ghost to do something. However, it's less dangerous, which is why it's far down on this list. When this Tarot Card is pulled, it will initiate an interaction of some kind, as well as doubling ghost activity for 20 seconds. This is particularly useful if you want to know where the apparition actually is. It's also pretty handy if one of the objectives is to get an EMF reading or you're on the lookout for fingerprints. On top of all that, it's the most common card next to the Wheel of Fortune. Chance of drawing this card: 20% The Fool Screenshot via Destructoid. It's hard to know where to place the Fool Tarot card on a list of worst-to-best, as it technically doesn't do anything. However, it's more the split second reaction that players have to it that can make it quite a tense one to pull. When it's drawn, the Fool will show itself as any other Tarot Card at first before revealing its true self. If it's one of the gentler cards, then there's no worry. However, if it looks like the Hanged Man or Death cards, then this can cause a brief amount of panic as you and your teammates become tricked for a second. The Fool card itself, however, is completely harmless. Chance of drawing this card: 17% (NOTE: this card has 100% chance of being pulled during a hunt). The Sun Screenshot via Destructoid. Very much the opposite to the moon, in both the cosmos and Phasmophobia . Whereas getting the Moon Tarot Card will reduce your sanity to zero, pulling the Sun will fully restore your sanity back to 100%. As you can imagine, this is a card any player would want to draw. The one downside to it is if you have the objective to get your average sanity below 25%. That could undo some of your work. However, it's still a bit of a lifesaver overall. Chance of drawing this card: 5% The High Priestess Screenshot via Destructoid. The High Priestess card is proof that death is not the end. If a player dies and this card is drawn, it will immediately revive them. If more than one player is dead, the card will randomly choose someone to bring back to life. It should also be noted that it can be saved up for when someone does die. This means if it's pulled from the pack, but everyone is alive, when someone does die, they will be immediately revived. Your items will still be dropped, so you will need to go back and collect them. Chance of drawing this card: 2% The post All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards ranked worst to best appeared first on Destructoid .
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Brotato reveals Abyssal Terrors DLC, free local co-up update for summer 2024
Brotato reveals Abyssal Terrors DLC, free local co-up update for summer 2024 If you thought you were done slicing and shooting in Brotato , Blobfish Games has something to steer you right back on track. The paid DLC Abyssal Terrors has been revealed along with a free local co-op update, both due out sometime this summer. Abyssal Terrors takes our hyper-capable potato on a voyage out to the open seas, where he'll have to deal with a bunch of new challenges. There will be 20 new waves in total, complete with new enemies and bosses that aim to up the difficulty for those who have survived everything Brotato has thrown at them thus far. There are also over 10 new weapons to find, and over 10 new potatoes that offer up their own unique abilities.  You can see some of the upcoming DLC and a quick tease of the local cooperative play update in the announcement trailer: The announcement came as part of today's Triple-I Initiative showcase , which brought together a bunch of indie game developers for reveals and previews. That local co-op is a big hook for both new and long-time players. It will support up to four potatoes locally, and packs in a few other tweaks to round out the update. Blobfish announced plans for game balancing adjustments, various fixes, and, if you prefer your details on the vague side, "new content." Whatever that may entail, the co-op is enough justification for firing away again in both the main game and the DLC, which is available to wishlist on Steam right now. The post Brotato reveals Abyssal Terrors DLC, free local co-up update for summer 2024 appeared first on Destructoid .
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Lenovo is already planning a next-gen Legion Go
Lenovo is already planning a next-gen Legion Go Since Valve released its highly praised Steam Deck device over two years ago, we've been seeing a bit of competition from other companies looking for that slice of the mobile gaming PC pie. Lenovo launched the Legion Go late last year, and we're already getting hints about a next-gen model. According to a recent report from Videocardz , Lenovo's Gaming Category Manager Clifford Chong spoke at the Innovate 2024 conference in Bangkok about what happens next. A quote from them says the company sees potential in continuing in the mobile PC market after the release of the Legion Go. While there's still work being done on the current model, Chong says the team is "looking towards when the time comes right" regarding the next generation. A potential Legion Go 2 will likely "provide even more features." Why no Steam Deck 2? In all of this, it's tempting to get caught up asking what Valve is planning next for the Deck. Released at the start of 2022, the hardware contained within it is already starting to look a little outdated. As a quick comparison, the Legion Go uses the fourth generation AMD Zen and RDNA3 technology, while the Steam Deck has Zen2 and RDNA2. Videocardz suggests a potential Legion Go 2 could sport Zen5 and RDNA3.5 tech. Of course, Valve did release the OLED version of the Deck in November last year. While it did boast a few improvements, such as better battery life, its focus was mainly on providing a better screen. The main guts of the device remained largely untouched. That's not to say something isn't being planned, but with Lenovo already looking ahead to possible newer models, it feels like Valve may need to make an announcement about something soon. The post Lenovo is already planning a next-gen Legion Go appeared first on Destructoid .
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Best Phasmophobia Solo Ghost Hunting Tips and Tricks
Best Phasmophobia Solo Ghost Hunting Tips and Tricks Although Phasmophobia is a game built around team investigations, some of you may like the idea of going it alone. Part of the thrill of horror gaming is testing your own mettle in an isolated setting, shut off from the comfort of group banter. Expect paranoia. To that end, Kinetic Games' ghost-hunting title does allow for solo play, which makes for a somewhat more intense experience overall. It is, of course, entirely possible to complete an investigation without help from others. However, it can be a little more trying without adequate backup, so I'm throwing a few tips your way. These should allow you to be more prepared when deciding to play sans friends . And as the old saying goes: in Phasmophobia , no one can hear your frightened whimpers. (NOTE: for any "mad lads" who are eager to dismiss all the below, feel free to go about your day disregarding this guide. And remember to kiss your dad on the lips when you see him next) Stick with smaller maps Screenshot via Destructoid. Phasmo currently has 12 maps, each one rife with ghostly activity. Of these, a few of them are more suited for solo investigations. Now, veterans out there may be able to cope with the immense size of Sunny Meadows or the Prison, but it's generally a good idea to stick with some of the smaller locations; the houses, including the farmhouses, and possibly Camp Woodwind. The reason for this is simply a case of not being able to cover all the areas effectively when on your own. The bigger maps are built for teams of people, so playing alone is more of an exercise in frustration as you move from room to room, struggling to pinpoint where the ghost even is. While there are more rewards for completing larger maps, the difference between something like Grafton Farmhouse and Brownstone High School is about $25. Add onto that the time you'll be spending wandering these locations means it's probably not worth that extra bonus. Tanglewood and Ridgeview may be small and feel like beginner maps, but they're pretty quick if you just want to get in and out with some earned cash. Avoid playing above Professional difficulty Screenshot via Destructoid. Look, I'm not telling you what you should be doing. All I'm saying is, if you're relatively new to the game or you typically play with friends, you might not want to make your investigations any more stressful. If you're absolutely dead set on playing in Nightmare or Insanity mode, please feel free to skip to the next section. Much like playing on larger levels, playing on higher difficulties does reap more rewards. However, I usually don't go above Professional. Once you go beyond this, you'll find things can be trickier, not just in terms of your sanity levels, but how you go about finding the ghost. For starters, the apparition won't give all three pieces of evidence. Seeing as you need three to truly identify which type it is, playing solo on Nightmare or Insanity (or a custom difficulty you've set) will require a lot more detective work. If you're not familiar with the characteristics of each ghost in Phasmophobia , missing one or two pieces of evidence can turn a fun investigation into a bit of chore. That and there are fewer places to hide. Speaking of which... Seek out all hiding spots before you begin Screenshot via Destructoid. You could argue that this is good advice even in team games. However, it's important to know that when playing solo, the ghost is going to target you specifically, so you need a backup. You can't sit in the comfort of the van while your friend runs around like a blue-arsed fly trying to avoid being killed. When entering the location, look for any possible places to hide should a hunt ensue during your investigation. This could be an empty closet, a little alcove formed out of wooden planks that have been propped up, a space behind an armchair, inside your own imagination. Maybe not that last one. This is partly why I would recommend playing on easier difficulties. Amateur and Intermediate modes give you a grace period at the start to set up before your investigation begins (as well as more hiding places). While the clock is ticking, you at least get a bit of time to seek out those all-important spots for the inevitable ghostly ass-kicking that's coming your way. Don't worry about the additional objectives Screenshot via Destructoid. As well as playing on more challenging difficulties, one of the best ways to make a decent amount of money in Phasmophobia is to complete as many objectives as possible. Identifying the ghost is the main one that you need to do in order for it to be a successful investigation, but the extra tasks give you more to do with more rewards. If you are hellbent on just making as much cash as you can in one go, then the additional objectives are the way to do it. But they are entirely optional, so they can be ignored if you're playing alone and just want to experience a good old-fashioned ghost hunt. Some objectives may even require having extra people anyway, such as taking a photo of the ghost. If you're on your own and your hands are already full, if you don't have a Photo Camera at your disposal, that's one task you can easily miss when the apparition suddenly appears. If you're not sure about completing the extra objectives, just stick with the main job at hand. Take advantage of the Video Camera Screenshot via Destructoid. In single-player, you can only really depend on your own eyes. There's no one else there to verify evidence. As such, there can be a bit of trial and error when playing alone. Fortunately, the game gives you all the tools you need at your disposal, such as the Video Camera. While mainly used to find D.O.T.S. and ghost orbs in Phasmophobia , the Video Camera is also a great way to keep an eye on other equipment. From the comfort of the van, you can monitor what's going on in complete safety. Setting up items from the camera's viewpoint means you can potentially be on the lookout for more than one piece of evidence. As you can see in the image above, I've placed a Ghost Writing Book, D.O.T.S. Projector, Tier 1 Thermometer, and a Crucifix next to each other. I can then place the Video Camera down, which will allow me to watch all these items from a distance. It does, however, help if you have a greater tier camera, which will boast higher quality images. Safety first! Screenshot via Destructoid. The crux of Phasmophobia is deciphering what apparition is haunting the location before said apparition can hunt you down and kill you. While you can never truly tell when this will happen, it's often a good idea to try and prevent such a thing before it's too late. If you have a Crucifix or two, placing them in the ghost room will give you a radius of protection, stopping the ghost from initiating a hunt two times. This will buy you a bit of extra time to continue your investigation, especially if you're dealing with something like a Demon. Also, keep an eye on your sanity levels. Nightmare and above will leave you with broken monitors in the van, so it makes it more difficult to know how close you are to a hunt. Utilizing sanity pills, only using Cursed Possession items when absolutely necessary, and not saying the ghost's name too often are good ways of making sure you make it out unscathed. The post Best Phasmophobia Solo Ghost Hunting Tips and Tricks appeared first on Destructoid .
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Best Free RPGs On Steam
Best Free RPGs On SteamGreat games don't always have to come with a price tag, and these awesome free RPG games available now on Steam are proof of it.
Apr 7
Can Content Warning be played singleplayer?
Can Content Warning be played singleplayer? Just a few days ago, the indie horror scene took major note of Content Warning , a co-op game about filming you and your friends doing scary things. I have yet to play it, but it seems to combine the visual aesthetic of Lethal Company with the team-based paranormal antics of something like Phasmophobia . Anyone who's been reading my articles lately will know that I'm a bit fond of Phasmophobia , so this should be right up my alley. Thanks to it being free during the game's first 24 hours of release, Content Warning was picked up by over six million players. It's currently at the number six spot on Steam's Top Sellers list , and so far has a review score of "Very Positive." Making it free for a limited period was clearly a stroke of genius. Other developers should be taking notes. The game prides itself on encouraging you and your friends to get involved, trying to capture spooky goings-on with teammates in tow to, as the description itself says, "become SpöökTube famous!" But, is it possible to go it alone instead? Can you play Content Warning solo? A lot of survival horror titles have been leaning towards co-operative play lately. Just look at the Outlast series. However, while Content Warning does highly encourage you to play with others, it is possible to play solo instead of teaming up with others, either friends or in a random lobby. This is despite the fact that the game's own Steam page doesn't actually say whether or not there's a single-player mode. It clearly labels it as having "Online Co-op" and "Family Sharing" features, but not solo capabilities. But it is possible to play alone, if that is your bag. Of course, even the developers themselves do warn against this, saying it's "strongly advised to not go alone." If the aim of the game is to get as much scary content as possible with your friends, it does stand to reason that singleplayer would be more challenging. Selfie mode will almost certainly be your priority if you do go down this route. If you are interested, simply boot up the game, click "Play With Friends" and then go to "Host." This will allow you to play without friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though there's any offline mode in the current build, so you'll still need an internet connection. Whether one will be added in a future update remains to be seen at this stage. The post Can Content Warning be played singleplayer? appeared first on Destructoid .
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More cosmic horror coming from Fulqrum Publishing, including FPS action and survival horror
More cosmic horror coming from Fulqrum Publishing, including FPS action and survival horrorYou might know Fulqrum Publishing from its Lovecraftian horror games already, but stand by because there’s more on the way. Madness! One of our favorite series’ in recent years here at BG is Forgive Me Father, an action/horror set of FPS games that’s just gotten a sequel (in Early Access). Brought to fans by Fulqrum … The post More cosmic horror coming from Fulqrum Publishing, including FPS action and survival horror appeared first on BrutalGamer .
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Online Games Act Like Unregulated Banks, And The US Gov’t Has Noticed
Online Games Act Like Unregulated Banks, And The US Gov’t Has NoticedA new report from the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)—an organization focused on enforcing the laws that protect consumers—indicates the bureau is aware of and monitoring big online video games that are filled with in-app purchases , digital currencies, and shady third-party markets that turn… Read more...
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