This is my Ship Taker "The Dragon". Lots of weapons and lots of cargo and still pretty maneuverable. Plenty of room for a large crew and passengers. An ideal All-around exploration ship. She has 4 Nullifier 1750 Suppressors on her. I don't like that they don't list the EM damage in the ship stats, but they do 4 Hull, 4 Shield, and 192 EM damage with a 1.5x firing rate. No mods were used for this ship but you need Pilot 4 and level 60 to have access to all the parts.

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Module Information

Parts that can be purchased from sentinel airfields, or from most ship merchants

Manufacturer-Specific Ship Part

The Ship Parts are limited in accessibility, and some can only be found at specific shops affiliated with a manufacturer.

Crimson Fleet

Kryx - Suvorov - The Key - Jasmine Durand

Nova Galactic

Sol - Titan - New Homestead


Narion - Volii Alpha - Neon Core - Stroud-Eklund Showroom

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock60Starship Design0
Piloting4Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsNo

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