How to Get Trader Railstar III Ship

Trader Railstar III is a ship you can acquire in Starfield. Read on to learn how to get Trader Railstar III and to see an overview of the Trader Railstar III stats.

How to Get Trader Railstar III

Buy From Ship Technicians and Showrooms

Available to Buy at Lv. 62

Ship Player Level
Trader Railstar III 62+

The Trader Railstar III has been observed to appear at ship vendors starting at player level 62.

Your player level can be increased by doing activities such as engaging in combat and exploration or completing missions.

How to Level Up and Farm Skill Points

Shop Location and Availability

Location / Planet Shops
Red Mile
Porrima III
・Lon Anderssen
Found at a desk to the right upon entering the Red Mile's airlock.

Vendor stock availability may vary per day and location.

The Trader Railstar III has been observed to appear in the above vendor list. If unavailable, be sure to check other ship vendors or refresh their inventory by waiting or sleeping.

Better versions of ships become available as your player level increases, as indicated by a Roman numeral number beside the ship's name.

All Cities and Maps

Refreshing a Ship Vendor's Inventory

Ship Technician.png

Note: Refreshing inventory does not mean it will change their stock completely. It is possible for everything to change, or for only one item to change.

You can also reset a ship vendor's inventory by skipping time. First, you will need to travel to Venus in the Sol star system and sleep for 24 Local Hours on your ship. Then, go back to a ship vendor and check his inventory.

This method works the best since 1 Hour on Venus is equal to 100 Hours in Universal Time. Sleeping there ensures you skipped enough time to reset every known ship vendor in the game.

How to Wait and Skip Time

Trader Railstar III Stats Overview

Trader Railstar III Stats and Overview

Trader Railstar III Overview
Value 181846 Mass 673
Fuel 520 Hull 834
Cargo Capacity 1200 Shielded Capacity 160
Class/Reactor Class A 33 Crew 3
Jump 30 LY Shield 730
Weapons ・PAR 15
・MSL 78

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