Maelstrom - How to Get and Stats Overview

The Maelstrom is a Rifle that you can get by looting enemies in Starfield. Read on to learn how to get the Maelstrom, its stats, and Maelstrom weapon mods.

How to Get Maelstrom

Loot Maelstrom from Enemies

The Maelstrom can be looted from the following enemies:

Bounty Hunter Crimson Fleet Captain Crimson Fleet Corsair
Crimson Fleet Crew Crimson Fleet Pilot Crimson Fleet Rover
Pirate Pirate Brigand Pirate Captain
Pirate Corsair Pirate Cutthroat Pirate Flayer
Pirate Freebooter Pirate Legend Pirate Marauder
Pirate Plunderer Pirate Reaver Pirate Rover
Slayton Security Spacer

Can be Bought in Shops

The Maelstrom can be bought from the following shops and may include different mods, depending on your level.

Best Defense

Centaurion Arsenal
General Store
Neon Tactical

Rowland Arms

Shepherd's General Store

Weapons Shop

Maelstrom Stats and Overview

Maelstrom Overview

Maelstrom Overview
Starfield - Maelstrom
Weapon Type Ammo Weapon ID
Rifle 6.5MM CT 002984DF
Mass Value Mod Slots
4.15 1210 7

Maelstrom Weapon Stats

Base Damage Base Damage 2 Mag
Phys 5 N/A 40
Fire Rate Range Accuracy
150 40 65.8%

No Rarity Effects

The Maelstrom has no additional rarity effects.

Maelstrom Weapon Mods

All Applicable Weapon Mods

Mod Crafting Materials
Armor-Piercing Rounds Adhesive x2
Lead x4
Tungsten x3
Compensator Aluminum x1
Nickel x1
Drum Magazine Adhesive x2
Lead x3
Titanium x2
Fully Automatic Lubricant x4
Microsecond Regulator x1
Sealant x3
Gut Buster Rounds Adhesive x3
Lead x3
Veryl x2
Hair Trigger Adhesive x3
Iridium x2
Platinum x3
Zero Wire x1
High Powered Adhesive x3
Isocentered Magnet x1
Tantalum x3
Titanium x4
High Velocity Adhesive x3
Monopropellant x1
Platinum x3
Titanium x2
Iron Sights Aluminum x1
Nickel x1
Large Magazine Lead x2
Sealant x2
Tungsten x2
Laser Sight Aluminum x1
Helium-3 x1
Neon x1
Long Barrel Iron x1
Nickel x1
Sealant x1
Medium Scope Adhesive x2
Chlorosilanes x3
Vanadium x3
Zero Wire x1
Muzzle Brake Sealant x2
Titanium x2
Tungsten x3
Reflex Sight Adhesive x1
Aluminum x1
Chlorosilanes x1
Semi-Automatic Copper x2
Nickel x2
Sealant x2
Titanium x3
Short Scope Adhesive x1
Chlorosilanes x2
Titanium x2
Standard Barrel Iron x1
Sealant x1
Standard Magazine Lead x1
Tungsten x1
Suppressor Polymer x2
Tantalum x3
Tungsten x2
Tactical Grip Sealant x1
Titanium x1
Tactical Magazine Lead x1
Sealant x1
Whitehot Rounds Aluminum x1
Iron x1
Solvent x1

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