List of All Weapons and Stats Explained

Starfield - List of All Weapons and Stats Explained

Starfield weapons are categorized by weapon and damage type. Here's a list of all weapons and a guide to weapon stats like rarity, tier, and accuracy!

All Weapon Types
Unique EM Laser Ballistic Particle
Rifle Pistol Shotgun Heavy Melee

Weapon Types Explained

Weapons and Damage Types

You can group Starfield weapons by their weapon and damage type. The main weapon types are rifles, pistols, shotguns, heavy weapons, and melee weapons. We have a list of all these weapons below!

Depending on the type of damage a weapon deals, they can also be classified as laser, ballistic, or particle beam. Laser weapons deal energy damage, ballistic weapons deal physical damage, and particle beam weapons can deal both.

All Weapons in Starfield

All Rifle Weapons

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Rifles Pistols Heavy Weapons
Shotguns Melee Weapons
All Rifles
Starfield - AA-99AA-99 Starfield - Acid RainAcid Rain Starfield - AvatarAvatar Starfield - BeowulfBeowulf
Starfield - BrawlerBrawler's Equinox Starfield - DesperationDesperation Starfield - Despondent AssassinDespondent Assassin Starfield - Drum BeatDrum Beat
Starfield - EquinoxEquinox Starfield - EternityEternity's Gate Starfield - FeatherFeather Starfield - Fiscal QuarterFiscal Quarter
Starfield - FuryFury Starfield - GallowGallow's Reach Starfield - GrendelGrendel Starfield - Hard TargetHard Target
Starfield - Head RangerHead Ranger Starfield - HunterwulfHunterwulf Starfield - JustifierJustifier Starfield - KodamaKodama
Starfield - LawgiverLawgiver Starfield - MaelstromMaelstrom Starfield - MagpulseMagpulse Starfield - MagshearMagshear
Starfield - MagsniperMagsniper Starfield - MarksmanMarksman's AA-99 Starfield - MindtearMindtear Starfield - Novablast DisruptorNovablast Disruptor
Starfield - Old Earth Assault RifleOld Earth Assault Rifle Starfield - Old Earth Hunting RifleOld Earth Hunting Rifle Starfield - OrionOrion Starfield - PeacekeeperPeacekeeper
Starfield - PeacemakerPeacemaker Starfield - Pirate LegendPirate Legend Starfield - Power BeatPower Beat Starfield - ReflectionReflection
Starfield - RevenantRevenant Starfield - Speechless FireSpeechless Fire Starfield - TempestTempest Starfield - The BuzzcutThe Buzzcut
Starfield - The Last BreathThe Last Breath Starfield - TombstoneTombstone Starfield - Unmitigated ViolenceUnmitigated Violence Starfield - Unrestrained VengeanceUnrestrained Vengeance
Starfield - VaVa'ruun Inflictor Starfield - VampireVampire's Gift

All Rifles

All Pistol Weapons

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Rifles Pistols Heavy Weapons
Shotguns Melee Weapons
All Pistols
Starfield - Ace SidearmAce Sidearm Starfield - AmbassadorAmbassador Starfield - DeadeyeDeadeye Starfield - EleganceElegance
Starfield - EmberEmber Starfield - EonEon Starfield - KeelhaulerKeelhauler Starfield - KrakenKraken
Starfield - MagshotMagshot Starfield - MarathonMarathon Starfield - Memento MoriMemento Mori Starfield - NovalightNovalight
Starfield - Old Earth PistolOld Earth Pistol Starfield - RadburnRadburn Starfield - RattlerRattler Starfield - RazorbackRazorback
Starfield - RegulatorRegulator Starfield - Short CircuitShort Circuit Starfield - SidestarSidestar Starfield - Sir LivingstoneSir Livingstone's Pistol
Starfield - SolaceSolace Starfield - SolsticeSolstice Starfield - Street SweeperStreet Sweeper Starfield - Terror InflictorTerror Inflictor
Starfield - The MutineerThe Mutineer Starfield - The PrimeThe Prime Starfield - The SpacerThe Spacer Starfield - The ZapperThe Zapper
Starfield - TrickshotTrickshot Starfield - Unfair AdvantageUnfair Advantage Starfield - Urban EagleUrban Eagle Starfield - VaVa'ruun Starshard
Starfield - VampireVampire's Sidearm Starfield - XM-2311XM-2311

List of All Pistols

All Heavy Weapons

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Rifles Pistols Heavy Weapons
Shotguns Melee Weapons
All Heavy Weapons
Starfield - Arc WelderArc Welder Starfield - Ashta TamerAshta Tamer Starfield - Auto-RivetAuto-Rivet Starfield - BridgerBridger
Starfield - CutterCutter Starfield - HellerHeller's Cutter Starfield - MagstormMagstorm Starfield - MicrogunMicrogun
Starfield - N67 SmartgunN67 Smartgun Starfield - NegotiatorNegotiator Starfield - PoisonstormPoisonstorm Starfield - Reckless BombardmentReckless Bombardment
Starfield - Shattered ShockShattered Shock Starfield - X-989 MicrogunX-989 Microgun

All Heavy Weapons

All Shotgun Weapons

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Rifles Pistols Heavy Weapons
Shotguns Melee Weapons
All Shotguns
Starfield - Big BangBig Bang Starfield - Boom BoomBoom Boom Starfield - BreachBreach Starfield - Brute ForceBrute Force
Starfield - CoachmanCoachman Starfield - Experiment A-7Experiment A-7 Starfield - JakeJake's Hangover Cure Starfield - Old Earth ShotgunOld Earth Shotgun
Starfield - PacifierPacifier Starfield - RapidshotRapidshot Starfield - Riot ShotgunRiot Shotgun Starfield - ShottyShotty

All Shotguns

All Melee Weapons

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Rifles Pistols Heavy Weapons
Shotguns Melee Weapons
All Melee Weapons
Starfield - Barrow KnifeBarrow Knife Starfield - Combat KnifeCombat Knife Starfield - Osmium DaggerOsmium Dagger Starfield - Rescue AxeRescue Axe
Starfield - RipshankRipshank Starfield - Syndicate EnforcerSyndicate Enforcer Starfield - TantoTanto Starfield - The Last PriestThe Last Priest
Starfield - UC Naval CutlassUC Naval Cutlass Starfield - VaVa'ruun Painblade Starfield - WakizashiWakizashi

All Melee Weapons

Starfield Weapon Stats Explained

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Tier Rarity Accuracy

Weapon Tier Explained

Weapon Tier Description
Base Has no prefix added in the weapon's title and has no added bonuses to its stats.
Calibrated Adds the prefix "Calibrated" in the weapon name with increased stats and value.
Refined Adds the prefix "Refined" in the weapon name with increased stats and value.
Advanced Adds the prefix "Advanced" in the weapon name with increased stats and value.

Weapon Tiers directly influence the stats of a weapon. Weapons with higher tiers will have higher stats as well.

Tiered weapons can be purchased from Shops that sell weapons or loot them off of Enemies. They also have a higher chance of appearing as your level increases.

How to Level Up and Farm Skill Points Fast

Weapon Rarity Explained

Rarity Common
# of Modifiers 0 1 2 3

Rarer Weapons Have More Modifiers

Weapon rarity is based on the amount of modifiers that a weapon has. Unlike attachment mods, you can't edit weapon modifiers unless you use console commands.

What are Unique Weapons?

Unique weapons are essentially just modded weapons with special names. While their base weapon counterparts can usually be obtained from multiple sources, unique weapons can only be obtained from specific locations, quests, or shops.
All Unique Weapon Locations

Weapon Accuracy Explained

The weapon accuracy stat represents how much of your shots actually hit the target as intended. Weapon accuracy affects hip fire accuracy (aiming without sights) and aim-down-sight accuracy (aiming with sights).

The higher the weapon accuracy, the more likely it is that your shots land where your crosshair is. Heavy weapons, automatic weapons, and other weapons with a high fire rate usually have lower accuracy.

How to Increase Weapon Accuracy

You can increase your weapon's base accuracy by attaching mods to it. You can also hold your breath, crouch, or upgrade skills to increase your accuracy while aiming.

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