Syrma VI-a Planet Location and 100% Survey Guide

Syrma VI-a is a Moon you can visit and explore in Starfield. Read on to learn where Syrma VI-a is, how to survey Syrma VI-a 100%, and Syrma VI-a flora, fauna, resources, cities, points of interests, traits and stats.

Syrma VI-a Location

Found in the Syrma System

Syrma VI-a can be found in the Syrma star system. Use your grav drive to warp to this system using the indicated path.

Syrma Star System Location

1st Moon of Syrma VI

Syrma VI-a can be found as the 1st Moon of Syrma VI in the Syrma system.

How to 100% Survey Syrma VI-a

100% Survey Checklist
Flora 0
Fauna 0
Resources 2
Planet Traits 1

Tips for Getting 100% Survey Score

Syrma VI-a List of Flora

We are still investigating the flora found on this planet.

List of All Flora and Plants

Syrma VI-a List of Fauna

We are still investigating the fauna found on this planet.

List of All Fauna and Alien Creatures

Syrma VI-a List of Resources

List of Planet Resources
Nickel Water

List of All Resources and Materials

Syrma VI-a Cities and Points of Interest

Where to Go in Syrma VI-a

We are currently investigating what cities and points of interest are on this planet in all playthroughs!

Generic Points of Interest are Procedurally Generated

Some points of interest, which include generic and repeating ones are randomized, so your planet may have different locations per playthrough. However, unique and named points of interest will always be fixed for all playthroughs.

Syrma VI-a Planet Traits

How to Get All Syrma VI-a Planet Traits

We are still investigating the traits of this planet.

Find Planet Traits with Your Scanner

When you're on the surface of a planet, press F on keyboard or LB on Xbox to open your scanner. With this scanner, you will be able to spot Unknown locations in the distance. Head toward these Unknown locations and look for geographical structures you can scan.

If there are no Unknown locations, you may have to run further into the planet or find a new landing spot, keeping a watchful eye with your scanner.

All Planetary Traits

Syrma VI-a Stats and Overview

Syrma VI-a Overview

Moon of Syrma VI
System Syrma Atmosphere None
Type Ice Magnetosphere None
Gravity 0.09 Fauna None (0)
Temp Type Frozen Flora None (0)
Actual Temp TBA Water Chemical

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