Big M-class ship as home ship

Made A big M-class ship using mods on nexus, this save file is of my main character with the ship docked at the Deimos staryard.<br><br>STEAM VERSION ONLY, GAME PASS HAS DIFFERENT SAVE FILE SYSTEM<br><br>Mods used: <br>Unlock Class M Modules <br>Shipyards Unlocked<br>Ship Builder Tolerance Tweaks<br>Ship Builder Unrestricted <br><br>Built a big ship with the help of a few mods here on nexus, will require these mods to function properly.<br>Lags out in the builder a bit, was somewhat manageable for me however I'm also using Disk Cache Enabler and some .ini changes for slight performance gain, results may vary I guess. <br><br>Interior is pretty buggy, lots of clipping and one really big drop from the top floor to bottom floor. <br><br>Video of building the ship:<br>Video of flying the ship:<br><br>flying ship and camera animations are also quite buggy, I initially didn't need to change any camera setting however I now have found the camera resetting back to a distance for a normal sized ship. To fix this I now use Better 3rd Person Flight Camera and set:<br><br>SetGS "fFlightCameraOffsetBaseY:FlightCamera" -75.000-How far the camera will be from your ship<br>//default=-5.780<br><br>In the FlightCamera.txt supplied by the mod from -75.00 to -120.000. (set to whatever preferred distance, camera could still be a bit further away)<br><br>Installation:<br>1. download and install necessary mods<br>2. put file in \Documents\My Games\Starfield\Saves

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock-Starship Design-
Piloting-Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsYes

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