Poseidon IV(波塞冬第四代)

I am not good at power management or weapon management. I see many shipbuilding performance adjustments are great! I just want to build an M-class ship that integrates combat, life, commerce, and entertainment. Consider the convenience of boarding by starting and stopping in various planetary environments.<br>This is the fourth generation I designed and named Poseidon.<br>Is there an awkward situation where the ship design is too large and the landing module runs far? The biggest feature of this ship is the design of multiple landing pods on the left and right for easy landing. The landing pods on both sides are used in conjunction with DerreTech ramps, allowing for quick access to the top deck cockpit without the need to spend a lot of time climbing ladders. (Thank you mod author)<br>Due to the large cabin, I have designed multiple cockpits for easy takeoff. (Thank you mod author)<br>The cockpit layout is divided into four parts: the bow, one on the side of the ship, two on the wings, and four on the bridge head of the main ship at the stern. It can shuttle through the massive hull and take off at any time. Multiple cockpits look cool, and you can observe your own hull from multiple perspectives in different parts of the cabin, which feels great.<br>The only drawback: When completing the task of placing a celestial instrument on the ship, I had to search everywhere, and the target position of the celestial instrument was random. Therefore, I spent an hour on the ship to find a cockpit that could accommodate the celestial instrument.<br>The living cabin combines the latest generation glass channel effect to create a full atmosphere. (Thank you mod author)<br>Next, we will focus on introducing the accommodation cabin of our ship. In order to ensure that the number of crew members is maintained between 45 and 50, the commonly used control room and living quarters are essential.<br>Main characteristics of this ship:<br>1. The 3 * 2 * 1 living space connecting the landing module serves as the landing module hall. A screenshot shows a large number of UC soldiers on standby at the reception desk.<br>2. The main ship uses a 3 * 3 * 2 living space as a commercial street. Inspired by the Eternal, I want to try creating a vegetation covered living area inside my own spacecraft.<br>3. Choose 3 * 3 * 1 living quarters on both sides as large activity rooms.<br>4. The wing is distributed in a confined medical room and a 3 * 3 * 1 living cabin.<br>5. The DerreTech backbone channel is often used to connect the living quarters, to avoid random opening of the living quarters. A big ship like me opening doors randomly is like a maze where I can't find my way. I used a glass channel effect for the channel, which is really amazing.<br>Glass channel flower cultivation, similar to a hydroponic room. For this reason, I only made a private balcony, and the wall at the bottom of the passage can hold small photos. Anyone who dies within a week can have their photos taken.<br>6. The light emitted by the engine after the final takeoff is for the lost love of a week!<br><br>Mod experience<br>1. M-level shipbuilding unlocking mod must<br>2. SFSE benefits humanity, everyone is familiar with it<br>3. Baka's achievements, saving progress, and achievements all rely on it.<br>4. DerreTech Hab, it's so cool! Not only are there glass channels, but also Ramp ramps available, 3 * 3 * 2 size living cabins, and so on. In my screenshot, I can see a large number of mods using DerreTech, which is my preferred mod. Thank you to the author!<br>5. The ship's storage restrictions have been lifted, which is a very inconspicuous but very useful mod that has helped me achieve my dream of multiple landing pods and multiple cockpits! Thank you mod author<br>5. Unlocking decoration inside the ship<br>6. Interior Material Mod<br>7. Rudy4K starry sky and Milky Way background, it's so cool!<br>8. The production of Halo spacesuits is amazing!<br><br>Mod List:<br>DerreTech<br>Doorway placeholder<br>SFSE Save Unfinished Ships (No ship limits)<br>Added Furniture And Deco Items<br>More Outpost Objects<br>Rudy HQ - More epic Milky Way texture<br>M Class Modules and Ship Builder Unlock<br>Baka Achievement enabler (SFSE)<br>Ship Builder Unrestricted (Gamepass and Steam)<br>UC armor to Halo mark6 mod4555<br><br>Thank you to Todd for his vast game framework and to every Mod author for their dedication. Your Mod has made my ship fly!<br><br>My ship can access:<br>https://tieba.baidu.com/p/8683616625?pid=148916939609&cid=0#148916939609

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LvL.Unlock-Starship Design-
Piloting-Console requirementsYes
Mod RequirementsYes

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