Space Razor

The initial idea for this design came from the realization that heat sinks look like razor blades, so I tried to create one. The challenge was in controlling the shape, especially the latter half of the handle, which couldn't have too many layers, otherwise, it would be too thick.<br><br>I limited it to three layers and tried to place essential components in the front. Then came the treatment of the blade head. Since heat sinks can only be connected on both sides, I had to use a strip structure on the outer side to connect them. Fortunately, it's not very wide, so the outer contour isn't greatly affected.<br><br>Although the appearance was a priority, the cargo hold size is still decent. With payload skills, it would be even larger, and with a mobility of 41, it's very agile.

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Module Information

Parts that can be purchased from sentinel airfields, or from most ship merchants

Manufacturer-Specific Ship Part

The Ship Parts are limited in accessibility, and some can only be found at specific shops affiliated with a manufacturer.

Nova Galactic

Sol - Titan - New Homestead

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock60Starship Design4
Piloting4Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsNo

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