True Narwhal

At Taiyo Astroneering's shipyard, you can purchase a ship called the Narwhal. Its indigo and white patterned appearance is quite attractive, and its design is inspired by the Narwhal (also known as the unicorn whale). However, after taking a closer look, I felt that the shape alone was not enough to fully express the name Narwhal. So, I decided to modify and create a new ship based on this design. I named it the True Narwhal to distinguish it from the original.<br><br>To build the True Narwhal with the mod, you may need to use the following mod:<br>Mod required: Ship Builder Unrestricted (No. 803)

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Module Information

Parts that can be purchased from sentinel airfields, or from most ship merchants

Manufacturer-Specific Ship Part

The Ship Parts are limited in accessibility, and some can only be found at specific shops affiliated with a manufacturer.


Sol - Deimos - Orbit - Deimos Staryard

Taiyo Astroneering

Volii - Volii Alpha - Neon Core - Taiyo Astroneering Store

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock49Starship Design0
Piloting4Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsYes

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