Frogship Frigate

STEAM VERSION ONLY, GAME PASS HAS DIFFERENT SAVE FILE SYSTEM<br><br>No mods required for the ship build. <br><br>Save game with my custom build called the Frog Frigate, A C-class, Max Size, Ladderless Vanilla ship. <br><br>Tried to make a ship with with the Cabot Cockpit, they all looked like frogs, this one was the best though.<br>Payed more attention to the interior, due to being able to get a no-ladder design with the Cabot cockpit acting as the ladder. Leaving the ship with two floors of 9 habs of different sizes with no other ladders besides the cockpit.

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Module Information

Parts that can be purchased from sentinel airfields, or from most ship merchants

Manufacturer-Specific Ship Part

The Ship Parts are limited in accessibility, and some can only be found at specific shops affiliated with a manufacturer.


Nova Galactic

Taiyo Astroneering

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock60Starship Design0
Piloting4Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsNo

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