Piranha Dropship - B Class

A vanilla design for a troop transport / dropship that weighed as close to 1000 Mass as possible while keeping Mobility and Speed high, this can be an A or B class ship if you alter the design and you can change the equipment, weapons and shield for any ones you have available to you as well as altering the top design for different cargo.<br>Built in 40 minutes.

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Module Information

Parts that can be purchased from sentinel airfields, or from most ship merchants

Manufacturer-Specific Ship Part

The Ship Parts are limited in accessibility, and some can only be found at specific shops affiliated with a manufacturer.

Crimson Fleet

Kryx - Suvorov - The Key - Jasmine Durand

Nova Galactic

Sol - Titan - New Homestead

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock60Starship Design4
Piloting3Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsNo

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