Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Solve Nettie’s Puzzle

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an incredibly immersive game that throws many challenges at the player, most of them with multiple solutions to go around.

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The game is also filled with puzzles the player can solve, and one of these puzzles is located in Nettie’s library. This rune puzzle is one the earliest in the game, but might take most players some time to solve.

How To Access Nettie’s Library

Nettie’s library is an easily accessible area, quite early on in the game. To reach it, all the player has to do is unlock the Emerald Grove first. This can be done by defeating the horde of goblins at the gate’s entrance first. When that is done, the player can freely explore most areas there.

All the characters in the player’s roster will want to find a way to remove the parasite from their heads, which gives them some options. One of these options is none other than Healer Nettie, while others can include finding the Githyanki Crèche or rescuing Halsin.

Nettie will be located in the hollow area of the Emerald Grove, which can be accessed by going to the sacred pool and entering the stone door on the right. Players should be careful in that area as there’s a lot of tension and they could accidentally start a fight.

Nettie will specifically be in the inner sanctum, inside the Druid’s Chambers. She will be seen taking care of a dying bird. The player should talk to her about their parasite, but the player should also be careful and not give her their hand, as she’ll try to poison them, and will be difficult to extract an antidote from.

Once the conversation is over, she’ll take the player into the Enclave library, which was locked before. There, the player will find the puzzle they have to take on.

The Puzzle Inside the Library

wyvern toxin baldur's gate 3 nettie

When the player gets closer to inspecting the puzzle, they’ll notice that each of the four platforms is animal themed and have a matching rune on them. However, one is missing.

The puzzle inside this library is quite simple. There’s a missing ruin that the player needs to get their hands on. The hard part here is actually getting the rune, which is specifically a wolf rune.

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The wolf rune is held by a character not far from the library, an individual named Rath whom the player has most likely encountered before. However, he will not hand the player the rune easily.

How To Take The Wolf Rune From Rath

To take the rune from Raith, the player will have a couple of options.

If the player wants to complete the puzzle right now, then their best option is to pickpocket Rath, which is easier said than done, especially since he has a direwolf walking around him at all times. For best chances to succeed this, the player will need an invisibility potion, and a character with high dexterity. Astarion would be the best option here as he is quite talented with his sleight of hand as well. Failing to pickpocket Rath correctly could result in the player getting themselves in a huge fight.

Another option the player has to acquire this rune is quite extreme. This option is to wipe out the Emerald Grove, which might not be worth it for the reward of the puzzle if that’s the only reason the player is doing this. The player will have to take on many strong enemies, and the player might still be under-leveled by this point in the Emerald Grove. But it is an option if the player wants to loot the wolf rune off of Rath’s dead body. If the player sides with Minthara, then this is definitely the way to go for them as they have to wipe out the Druids and tieflings anyway.

The last option to take the Wolf Rune from Rath is to save Halsin. If the player does not want to side with Minthara and instead wants to save the Druids and Tieflings, then this will be their best option to go to. Once Halsin is free and returns to the Emerald Grove, Rath will offer you the wolf rune without any fight as he is thankful for what the player has done.

With that, the player finally acquired the wolf rune.

How To Finish The Puzzle And What Are The Rewards


To finish this puzzle, the player simply has to insert the wolf rune in its missing spot. When this is done, a staircase will open up for the player to go down through.

Down there, this is what the player will find:

- Sorrow

- Druid Note

- Jade

- Robe of Summer

- Secret Society of the Sword Coast: Exposed

Baldur’s Gate 3 is now available to play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5.

Baldur's Gate 3

PC , Stadia , macOS , PS5 , Xbox Series X
Larian Studios
How Long To Beat
30 Hours
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