Baldur’s Gate 3: All Animals That Are Secretly Merchants

Baldur's Gate 3 is known for having a ton of different secrets and hidden details that have taken players months to find. The developers truly considered everything that players might try to do, and that includes adding unique conversations for most animals in the game for those who want to speak to all the furry friends on the Sword Coast.

Players are able to speak to animals using the Speak With Animals Spell, transforming into an animal, or by using the Potion of Animal Speaking. After learning to speak with animals, players can learn a ton about them, including which ones are secretly merchants. Here are the animals that are merchants within the game, where to find them, and what they sell.

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Tara The Tressym

Act 3: Lower City Rooftops

Tara hoards letters that won't be taken away in Baldur's Gate 3

Notable items the animal has:

  • Hat of the Sharp Caster - If a 1 or 2 is rolled on a Spell Attack roll, it will be rerolled.
  • Ring of Blink - Adds the Spell Blink
  • Tressym Collar - Adds the Spell Telekinesis
  • Slinging Shoes - +1 to Dexterity Throws & deals 2-8 Psychic Damage and returns to the owner when thrown.
  • Other Magical Items

Tara is a Tressym, an animal very similar to a cat. She is Gale's pet from when he was a child and will appear in Act 1 if the player is playing Gale's Origin Character. Otherwise, she will not appear until Act 3, when she causes some issues in Baldur's Gate's Lower City and will cause the quest "Find The Missing Letters."

Tara can be found in Baldur's Gate, roaming the rooftops of the Lower City. Known locations for the Tressym include the roofs of The Devil's Fee, Open Hand Temple, and on top of the Monastery in Rivington. She is one of the few animals in the game that will talk to the player without having any of the Speak With Animals abilities.

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Skittle The Rat

Act 3: Heapside Prison

Baldur's Gate 3 Skittle looking up

Notable items the animal has:

  • Numerous Scrolls of various types
  • Thieves' Tools - Allows players to lockpick things.
  • Elixir of Universal Resistance - Grants Resistance to all damage for 10 rounds.
  • Counting House Safe Number 2 Key - Opens a safe in the Counting House

Skittle is an interesting little rat in the game. Like most rats, he is very strange when speaking to the player, as he will only speak in riddles, making it difficult to follow the conversation sometimes. However, he will be very pleased if you speak back to him in riddles and puns.

In order to meet Skittle, you will need to enter the Heapside Prison and find him in one of the cells. In order to enter his cell, players need to steal the key from a Flaming Fist, or they can simply speak to him through the cell bars. Additionally, there is an adjacent cell that you can use to enter his if you go into the sewers.

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