Scorpio Ship

<br><br>This ship was made at Lvl 16, out of the "Razerleaf"ship from the quest Secret Outpost! due to this there are some special interactions and dialogue lines that will occur while using this ship, if you would prefer for this not to be the case its recommended that build it from scratch on your file using the build guide included in the file, thanks again to Todd674 for putting it together (or rather taking it apart!).<br><br>Also this ship was created without any ranks in Starship Design with all beginner parts from New Atlantis Shipyard, I got a little obsessed and just thought i would post this for everyone before I start doing other things in the game (like actually playing it XD).<br><br>This mod requires a couple mods to use, don''t skip those. When setting up Ship Builder Tolerance mod by NexusGuy999 I enabled ""bat toleranceHuge"" as I don''t think everything was able<br>to click in properly without it, that being said i'm not sure if you<br>will need that.<br><br>You will definitely need the "sb_limit_remover"" file from the ship builder unrestricted mod by kur00e dropped into your game folder.<br><br>Because this was made with all beginner parts without having any ranks in Starship Design i made it as big as i could while having it still run, therefore it currently has the "Low Mobility, reduce mass or add engines to improve mobility"" error in build mode, this is easily remedied by obtaining those ranks in Starship Design and adding new or more engines, but like i said I'm looking to work on something else in game now so ill leave that up to you all and if anyone wants to repost a new version of the mod you are welcome to!

Ship Stats

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Layout Plan

Other Requirements

LvL.Unlock-Starship Design-
Piloting-Console requirementsNo
Mod RequirementsYes

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