Act 3: Get Gortash's Netherstone Walkthrough

Baldurs Gate 3 - Get Gortashs Netherstone

This is a complete walkthrough of the Act 3 Main Quest, Get Gortash's Netherstone, in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Read on to see a detailed walkthrough for this Act 3 main quest including important notes for the quest, relevant choices that need to be made along the way, as well as rewards for defeating Enver Gortash!

Get Gortash's Netherstone Walkthrough

Get Gortash's Netherstone Objectives

Find a Way Into Wyrm's Rock Fortress

Baldurs Gate 3 - Wyrms Rock Fortress

Upon arriving at Rivington, you will be given a chance to explore the area. Ultimately, however, the goal is to secure the remaining Netherstones from both Gortash and Orin. To begin making headway into getting Gortash's Netherstone, make your way into Wyrm"s Rock Fortress.

There are multiple ways to get into Wyrm's Rock Fortress. You can choose from a variety of methods ranging from passing skill checks with the Flaming Fist guarding the drawbridge, stealing a Coronation Pass, obtaining a Lower City Pass, or breaking into Wyrm's Rock Prison.

How to Get to Wyrm's Rock Fortress

Use the Bridge Jump to Gain Access to Wyrm's Crossing

Players who are having a bit of trouble reaching Wyrm's Crossing can bypass the dialogue checks with the guards by simply jumping onto the bridge. Head over to the east side of Wyrm's Crossing (X: 33, Y: 47) and make the jump that takes you directly to the Waypoint, unlocking the area in the process.

Attend Gortash's Ordination Ceremony

Baldurs Gate 3 - Gortash Ordination Ceremony

Once you do arrive inside Wyrm's Rock Fortress, you will immediately be stopped by one of the Steel Watchers. It will tell you that Gortash already knows you're here and that he has invited you to witness his ordination ceremony in the Audience Chamber.

While you can technically head directly into Baldur's Gate at this point, it's best to get the ceremony over with. Head up to the Audience Chamber and approach Gortash to witness his ordination at the hands of Grand Duke Ravenguard.

Note: If you bring Karlach along during the ceremony, she will have unique dialogue exchanges with Gortash. However, do note that you'll have to persuade her not to attack on sight, especially with the number of Steel Watchers present during the ceremony.

What Happens if You Fail the Persuasion Check for Karlach?

Failing either of the two available Persuasion Checks will result in Karlach being apprehended by a Steel Watcher and placed in a holding cell. You will need to break her out of Wyrm's Rock Prison to get her to return to your party. To avoid this outcome, make sure to bring Wyll along during the ceremony.

Karlach Dialogue
Karlach: This is it. I can practically taste his blood from here.
Dialogue Options Dialogue Results
Careful, Karlach - the Steel Watch will destroy us in one swipe if we attack Gortash here.
Karlach stands down. Allows the scene to continue.
Karlach gets arrested.
We might need Gortash alive to save the city. Let's wait to strike until we've had the chance to question him.
Karlach stands down. Allows the scene to continue.
Karlach gets arrested.
Available if Partied w/ Wyll:
Wyll is right. We attack Gortash, and Ravenguard falls too.
Karlach stands down. Allows the scene to continue.
Lead the charge, Karlach - Gortash dies today. Result:
Karlach gets arrested. Wyll disapproves if in your party.

Mizora Offers Wyll a New Contract After the Ceremony

Baldurs Gate 3 - Mizoras New Contract

After witnessing Gortash's ordination ceremony, Mizora will appear next to the drawbridge that leads to the Lower City of Baldur's Gate. When confronted, she will tell you that she has a brand new deal to offer Wyll back at camp. This will affect the progression of both Wyll's quest and the Rescue the Grand Duke side quest.

Wyll's Companion Quest Guide

Consider Gortash's Bargain to Kill Orin

Baldurs Gate 3 - Gortashs Deal

While speaking to Gortash, he will tell you that Orin is out of control, killing indiscriminately and threatening the Chosen's waning control over the Elder Brain. In light of the murder sprees, he proposes an alliance - kill Orin and bring back her Netherstone so that you and Gortash can dominate the Elder Brain together.

As long as you don't pick the option to attack Gortash, you can revisit this deal later on in the story. The important takeaway from this exchange is that Gortash's deal is legitimate. If you do decide to take it, he will help you confront the Elder Brain.

Get Orin's Netherstone Walkthrough

What Happens if You Work with Gortash?

If you do decide to work with Gortash, you can meet him at his office in Wyrm's Rock Fortress after killing Orin. Insist that you need to be the one holding the two Netherstones to convince him that you can be partners.

Afterwards, he will appear during the quest to confront the Elder Brain. However, while trying to dominate the Absolute, he will be killed. This locks you out of any loot that you can get from his corpse.

Disable the Steel Watch

Baldurs Gate 3 - Fighting the Steel Watcher Titan

If you do decide to deal with Gortash first, then you will have a tall task ahead of you. Since Wyrm's Rock Fortress is guarded by the Steel Watchers, your first order of business is finding a way to Disable the Steel Watch.

Currently, there are 2 related side quests that allow you to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry found at the Grey Harbor area of Baldur's Gate:

  1. Save the Gondians
  2. Avenge the Ironhand Gnomes

Regardless of your choice, Gortash and everyone in Wyrm's Rock Fortress will turn hostile during these quests. In Save the Gondians, Gortash will call off the deal when you reach the Iron Throne. During Avenge the Ironhand Gnomes, Gortash will turn hostile after you complete the quest.

Save the Gondians from the Iron Throne

Baldurs Gate 3 - Zander Toobin

In order to get the Gondian named Zander Toobin to help you disable the Steel Watch, you will first need to rescue the Gondian prisoners inside Gortash's Iron Throne prison. Complete the Save the Gondians side quest by following the steps below and rescue the captive gnomes from their watery graves:

  1. Speak to Zander Toobin inside the Steel Watch Foundry Security Room to get the side quest.
  2. Next, head to Flymm Cargo (opposite side of the docks) and break into the the warehouse.
  3. Defeat the Wargs guarding the interior and pass a DC15 Perception Check to find the hidden door.
  4. Use the hidden door to enter the Subaquatic Dock.
  5. Convince Redhammer to take you to Gortash's Iron Throne. Make sure to rest before entering his craft.
  6. Rescue the Gondian prisoners inside the Iron Throne. Duke Ravenguard and Omeluum will also be targets for potential rescue.
  7. Return to Zander Toobin at the Foundry and tell him about the prison rescue.
  8. Aid the Gondians in their revolt. Kill all the Baanites inside the Steel Watch Foundry (make sure to keep Zander Toobin alive).
  9. Access the Neurocitor Room. Defeat the Steel Watcher Titan and allow Zander Toobin to destroy the Foundry.

Upon completion, all Steel Watchers in the city and inside Wyrm's Rock Fortress will be disabled. This makes the fight against Gortash much easier.

Avenge the Ironhand Gnomes by Destroying the Foundry

However, if you managed to rescue Wulbren from the Moonrise Towers Prison in Act 2, you will gain access to an easier method of destroying the foundry in the form of the Avenge the Ironhands side quest.

  1. Speak to Wulbren at Angleiron's Cellar in Rivington and he will hand you a Runepowder Bomb.
  2. Sneak into the Steel Watch Foundry and enter the Lab Level from the Security Room.
  3. Pickpocket the key to the Neurocitor Room from Black Gauntlet Hahns Rives (DC11 Sleight of Hand) or pass the DC30 Sleight of Hand check to lockpick the door.
  4. Once inside the Neurocitor Room, defeat or sneak past the Steel Watchers and the Steel Watcher Titan.
  5. Interact with the Neurocitor Terminal and plant the Runepowder Bomb to destroy the foundry.

Do note that by blowing up the Steel Watch Foundry using this method, you effectively kill off Grand Duke Ravenguard (who is imprisoned in the Iron Throne). The only way to bring him back would be to make a pact with Mizora for the deceased duke's soul.

Kill Gortash at Wyrm's Rock Fortress

Baldurs Gate 3 - Killing Enver Gortash

With the Steel Watch disabled, the only thing left to do is to kill Enver Gortash inside his office at Wyrm's Rock Fortress. To access this location, players will need to take one of the stairs found inside the Audience Chamber of the fortress.

Warning: As soon as you disable the Steel Watch, the entirety of Wyrm's Rock Fortress will be hostile towards you and your party. The interior will also be hostile (preventing Long Rests and fast travel) and the main combat areas will be filled with Runepowder traps.

Once Enver Gortash is killed, loot his body and take his Netherstone-Studded Gauntlet. This will trigger a cutscene, allowing you to get Gortash's Netherstone and a new weapon called the Gauntlet of the Tyrant.

How to Beat Gortash

Concludes Karlach's Companion Quest

Baldurs Gate 3 - Karlach Companion Quest End

As of Patch 1, killing Gortash brings Karlach's companion quest, Our Fiery Friend, to a close. She will be upset at feeling empty despite killing Gortash, prompting her to return to camp ahead of you. Stay tuned for more quest changes to Karlach's companion quest once Patch 2 drops.

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Triggers Endgame Interactions in Baldur's Gate

Baldurs Gate 3 - Endgame Mind Flayer Spawn

If Gortash's Netherstone was the last one you needed (i.e., you killed Orin earlier), then the Elder Brain will start gaining autonomy from the command of the Dead Three. This results in a few endgame scenarios triggering throughout the city including Absolute cultists transforming into Mind Flayers in the city's streets.

Rewards for Getting Gortash's Netherstone

All Quest Rewards
Gortash's Netherstone Gortash's Hand Gauntlet of the Tyrant
Fabricated Arbalest Cloth of Authority Tyrannical Jackboots Gortash's Key

Gortash's Netherstone

Once you loot Gortash's corpse, a cutscene will play where your character extracts Gortash's Netherstone from the Netherstone-Studded Gauntlet. This will be used later on in the story once you confront the Elder Brain underneath Baldur's Gate.

Gortash's Hand

Gortash's Hand is a unique item that you can use to enter the Murder Tribunal and become an Assassin of Bhaal. If you killed Gortash before Orin, this can be presented to the Death Knights guarding the Murder Tribunal, allowing you to pass through and get an audience with Sarevok.

Note: If planning to become an Assassin of Bhaal, having Gortash's Hand will make it easier to pass the checks when you tell the Murder Tribunal that you are ready to be judged.

Gauntlet of the Tyrant

The Gauntlet of the Tyrant is an armor piece that used to house Gortash's Netherstone. It is uniquely suited for player characters that specialize in unarmed combat like Monks. When viewed on Gortash's body without being looted, this appears as the Netherstone-Studded Gauntlet.

Gauntlet of the Tyrant Armor Guide

Fabricated Arbalest

The Fabricated Arbalest is Gortash's personal Heavy Crossbow. When equipped, it will allow your character to perform the Illuminating Shot and Dazzling Ray class actions.

Fabricated Arbalest Weapon Guide

Cloth of Authority

The Cloth of Authority is the same armor piece that Gortash wears during his cutscenes. When equipped, it grants the wearer Dauntless (cannot be Frightened and immune to emotion-altering conditions) as well as Authority (Advantage on Intimidation Checks and Insight checks).

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Tyrannical Jackboots

Gortash's Tryrannical Jackboots will grant the wearer the Scintillating condition. When active, it gives you a bonus to Charisma Checks and Saving Throws.

Tyrannical Jackboots Armor Guide

Gortash's Key

Finally, slayers of Gortash will also get his key. This can be used to open the Gilded Chest beside his bed (same room). Inside, players will find the Helldusk Boots, a Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen (can be consumed), as well as a book detailing how Gortash also planned to betray both Orin and Ketheric.

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