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This is a complete walkthrough of Baldur's Gate 3's (BG3) Main Quests! Check out our guide for detailed walkthroughs of the main quests during Acts 1 to 3, important notes for the each of the quests, companion guides, and any relevant side quests along the way!

Act 1 Walkthrough

Prologue: Escape the Nautiloid

BaldurNavigate through the tutorial

The start of the game is a giant tutorial where it teaches you basic mechanics on gameplay, party functions, and dialogue.
BaldurDecide the talking brain's fate (Optional)

A side quest involving a talking brain is available at the room next to the one you woke up in.
BaldurFree or ignore Shadowheart

As you and Lae'Zel make your way to the helm, you two encounter a character named Shadowheart trapped in a pod. Choose to either free or ignore her.
How to Free Shadowheart
BaldurEscape through the Nautiloid's helm

At the Nautiloid's Helm, players will need to connect the transponder in order to allow the craft to escape the hells. Make your way to the end of the room and interact with the transponder to complete the prologue.

Note: Players can opt to help the Mind Flayer take on Commander Zhalk in the bridge to obtain a powerful early game weapon called the Everburn Blade.
How to Beat Commander Zhalk

The prologue serves as a basic tutorial for Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3) and offers opportunities to encounter other Origin Characters such as Lae'zel and Shadowheart. Complete the Prologue to progress to Act 1.

Prologue: Escape the Nautiloid Walkthrough

Find a Cure

BaldurExplore the Surrounding Area

After the Prologue, you'll need to explore the surrounding area to get your bearings and find a lead for a cure.

From here, you can explore the Ravaged Beach to pick up Shadowheart and Astarion and Roadside Cliffs for Gale to add them in your party.
BaldurExplore the Dank Crypt (Optional)

East of the Roadside Cliffs is a ruined chapel that you can explore where you can find the Dank Crypt within the refectory.

While optional, exploring the Dank Crypt allows Withers to join your camp and offer respec and hirelings.
How to Unlock Withers: Dank Crypt Guide
BaldurFree Lae'zel

West of the ruined chapel you'll find Lae'zel trapped by two Tieflings. Freeing her opens up a new lead to finding a cure: a Githyanki Crèche.
BaldurFind a Lead at the Druid Grove

Head north of Roadside Cliffs and you'll encounter a group of adventures being chased by Goblins.

After wiping out the Goblins with Wyll, you gain access to the Druid Grove and a lead that the healer Nettie may be able to help you with a cure.

Note: Although your main objective is to find a cure, it's a good idea to explore the Druid Grove and complete sidequests such as Saving the Tiefling Refugees, Stealing the Sacred Idol, and Exposing Kagha to gain experience for your party.
Save the Refugees
Steal the Sacred Idol
Investigate and Expose Kagha
Save Arabella
BaldurFind a Cure

At this point, you'll have several leads on how to get rid of the illithid parasite, such as the Druid Halsin and Auntie Ethel, as well as the peaceful mindflayer Omeluum in the Underdark and the Githyanki Crèche.
Request Help from Nettie
Save the Druid Halsin
Find Auntie Ethel
Find Priestess Gut
Rescue Volo from the Goblin Camp
Omeluum Location
Find the Githyanki Crèche

The Find a Cure questline spans several sidequests where your character chases after leads and people who may know how to get rid of the illithid parasite festering in your brain.

Along the way, you'll meet several important characters, find new companions to join your party, and uncover a sinister plot centering around infected True Souls and the mysterious entity known as the Absolute.

Act 1: Find a Cure Walkthrough

Act 2 Walkthrough

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers Objectives
BaldurHead to the Last Light Inn

After entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands through either the Underdark or the Mountain Pass, you must immediately find a way to seek constant protection from the Shadow Curse.

From here, you can make it to the Moonrise Towers by seeking out Kar'niss's Moonlatern. But the Last Light Inn mainly provides one way to get protection from the Shadow Curse through saving Isobel.
Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse
How to Get to the Moonrise Towers
How to Beat Kar'niss
BaldurSeek Protection from the Shadow Curse

Making it to the Last Light Inn, you meet Jaheira, a leader of the Harpers situated in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, and Isobel, a Servant of Selune and the person responsible for creating the shield that protects the inn from the Shadow Curse.

Isobel will be able to provide you some protection from the Shadow Curse if you save her. If not, you must find another way through finding a Moonlantern. More answers are to be found by infiltrating the Moonrise Towers, so you must make your way there after wrapping up business at the inn.

Note: Halsin has a quest tied to the Last Light Inn if you have him in your camp by saving the Emerald Grove. Make sure to find Art Cullagh in the inn for lifting the Shadow Curse.
Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse
How to Lift the Shadow Curse
Help He Who Was
Find Zeflor
Rescue Wulbren
Rescue the Tieflings
BaldurFind Ketheric Thorm's Relic

You infiltrate the Moonrise Towers by making it past the darkest areas of the Shadow Curse and presenting yourself as a True Soul to the Ketheric Thorm and the towers' inhabitants. You hear of Balthazar, Ketheric's right-hand necromancer who is tasked with finding a relic (the 'Nightsong') which is the key to Ketheric's immortality.

Find this relic in the Gauntlet of Shar to progress the main story. If you sided with Minthara and she is alive after defeating the Emerald Grove, she can be potentially recruited to your party (when saving her from the Moonrise Towers prison)

Note: Entering Shadowfell where the Nightsong resides is a point of no return. Make sure to wrap up all of your quests in the Shadow-Cursed Lands and previous areas.
Gauntlet of Shar
How to Solve the Silent Library Puzzle
Find the Nightsong
How to Kill Yurgir
How to Beat Gerringothe Thorm
How to Beat Malus Thorm
How to Beat Thisobald Thorm
How to Beat Balthazar
BaldurDefeat Ketheric Thorm

You have found the relic sought by Ketheric Thorm: the Nightsong, and have made the decision of either saving or killing it to make Ketheric mortal. You are now on your way to assault the Moonrise Towers and put an end to Ketheric's reign.

Completing this objective will reveal more about the Mind Flayers, and will point the player to Baldur's Gate. Leaving the Shadow-Cursed Lands through the road to Baldur's Gate is another point of no return.
How to Beat Ketheric Thorm
How to Solve the Necrotic Laboratory

After learning more about a potential cure and the increasing presence of Mind Flayer Parasites leading to the Moonrise Towers, you make your way to the Shadow-Cursed Lands via the Underdark or the Mountain Pass.

Infiltrate Moonrise Towers covers the beginning of the Shadow-Cursed Lands, from making it to the Last Light Inn up to taking down Ketheric Thorm. It is here that you meet new potential allies, a large amount of fiends and undead monstrosities, as well as learn how to navigate around the dangerous Shadow Curse affliction.
Act 2: Infiltrate Moonrise Towers

Help Your Protector

Help Your Protector Objectives
BaldurReach the Portal

At the end of Act 2, players will be assaulted by the voice of the Absolute. However, due to your Dream Visitor getting overwhelmed by Githyanki, the Astral Prism barely helps in quelling the call of the Absolute.

Fend off the Githyanki ambushers and enter the portal to the Astral Prism within 3 turns before the Absolute commands you to undergo ceremorphosis.

Note: Failing to enter the portal within 3 turns will result in the Absolute dominating your mind. This allows it to command you to undergo ceremorphosis, resulting in a Game Over screen.
BaldurGo to the Skull

Inside the Astral Prism, fight your way to the skull-like structure at the center. Defeat the Githyanki standing in your way and aid the Dream Visitor at the skull.
BaldurHelp Your Dream Visitor

Confront your Dream Visitor to reveal their true identity. Then, help them fend off Orpheus' Honor Guard to preserve the protection that keeps the Absolute from dominating your mind.

Note: Killing your Dream Visitor will result in a Game Over screen. It is not possible to kill the Dream Visitor and continue the game as normal.
BaldurSpeak to Your Dream Visitor

With the day won, speak to your Dream Visitor to receive the Astral-Touched Tadpole. This unlocks partial ceremorphosis, giving tadpole players more powers to work with as they enter Act 3.

Note: Opening your mind or consuming the tadpole will change the appearance of your character. As of Patch 1, you will get both a blackened visage as well as rotting teeth if you undergo partial transformation.
List of All Illithid Powers

The end of Act 2 will finally allow you to meet your Dream Visitor, face-to-face. During your time on the road to Baldur's Gate, you will be assaulted by the command of the Absolute which triggers the protection of the Astral Prism.

However, due to your Dream Visitor getting overrun by Githyanki inside the prism, it is up to you to help them in order to prevent your protection from the Absolute from going out. Fail, and you risk a Game Over.

Act 2: Help Your Protector Walkthrough

Act 3 Walkthrough

Get Gortash's Netherstone

Get Gortash's Netherstone Objectives
BaldurFind a Way Into Wyrm's Rock Fortress

Before you can confront Enver Gortash, you will first need to reach Wyrm's Rock Fortress. Find a way to enter the famed Flaming Fist headquarters and speak to Bane's chosen, within.
How to Get Into Wyrm's Rock Fortress
Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders
BaldurAttend Gortash's Ordination Ceremony

Much like Orin, Gortash is already aware of your arrival. Follow the command of his Steel Watchers and attend his ordination ceremony at the Audience Chamber of the fortress.
The Blade of Frontiers Companion Quest
BaldurConsider Gortash's Bargain

Listen to Gortash's deal. With Orin and her Bhaalist cult running amok in Baldur's Gate, the Chosen of Bane offers you the chance to partner up to confront the Elder Brain.

Note: Teaming up with Gortash is possible. However, he won't be much help as all he does is die during your confrontation with the Elder Brain.
Investigate the Murders
How to Rescue Orin's Victim
Get Orin's Netherstone
BaldurDisable the Steel Watch

Before confronting Enver Gortash, you will first need to disable his Steel Watch. You have a choice between Saving the Gondians, Avenging the Ironhand Gnomes, or simply breaking into the Neurocitor Room by passing a DC30 check to disable the Steel Watch.
Save the Gondians
Avenge the Ironhand Gnomes
Rescue the Grand Duke
BaldurKill Gortash at Wyrm's Rock Fortress

Once the Steel Watch is disabled, make your way back to Wyrm's Rock Fortress via the Basilisk Gate. Defeat Gortash in his office at the upper levels of the fortress to retrieve his Netherstone.
Our Fiery Friend Companion Quest

After arriving at Rivington at the start of Act 3, your next order of business will be to deal with Gortash and Orin. To retrieve Gortash's Netherstone, players will need to disable his Steel Watch before confronting him inside the Flaming Fist headquarters known as Wyrm's Rock Fortress.

Get Gortash's Netherstone Walkthrough

Get Orin's Netherstone

Get Orin's Netherstone Objectives
BaldurSolve the Open Hand Temple Murders

Before you can get Orin's Netherstone, you will first need to unravel the Bhaalist plot brewing in Baldur's Gate. Begin by helping Sister Yannis investigate the murder of Father Lorgan at the Open Hand Temple in Rivington.

Upon completion, you will gain access to the Lower City of Baldur's Gate and learn the name of one of Bhaal's chosen killers - Dolor the Red Dwarf.
Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders
BaldurListen to Gortash's Bargain (Optional)

While passing through Wyrm's Rock Fortress, Enver Gortash (Bane's Chosen) will invite you to hash out a deal with him. Choose between hearing him out or continuing towards the Lower City to progress.

Note: Regardless of your decision regarding the deal, Gortash will mention that one of your camp followers is a Shapechanger.
Should You Invite Yenna to Your Camp?
How to Rescue Orin's Victim
BaldurInvestigate the Murders

At the Lower City, use the Bloodstained Parchment to locate the potential murder targets, warning them against the assassin.

Prevent Dolor from killing Cora Highberry and Figaro Pennygood to obtain his Hand Bag and the Torn and Bloody Page quest items that allow access to the Murder Tribunal.
Investigate the Murders
BaldurKill Gortash (Optional)

Players who want an easier time becoming an Assassin of Bhaal can defeat Gortash first before they challenge Orin. Make sure to bring his hand to the Murder Tribunal to trivialize Sarevok's trial.
How to Beat Gortash
BaldurGo to Candulhallow Tombstones

Once you have either the Hand Bag or Gortash's Hand (or both), you can make your way to Candulhallow Tombstones in the Lower City.

Find the hidden button behind the Butterfly on Skull painting to reveal the cellar door leading to the Murder Tribunal.
BaldurAppear Before the Murder Tribunal

At the cellar of Candulhallow Tombstones, present your collected hand to the Death Knight guards before submitting yourself to the judgment of the Murder Tribunal.

Become an Assassin of Bhaal or defeat Sarevok to get the Bhaal Amulet - the key needed to reach the Temple of Bhaal underneath the city.
BaldurFind the Temple of Bhaal

Next, make your way to the sewer system of Baldur's Gate. Look for the Undercity Ruins Waypoint to find the entrance to the Temple of Bhaal. Present the Bhaal Amulet to pass through the doors.
BaldurKill Orin and Get Her Netherstone

Once players arrive at the actual Temple of Bhaal, all that's left to do is to kill Orin. Defeat her Slayer Form to get her Netherstone.
How to Beat Orin

After arriving at Rivington at the start of Act 3, your next order of business will be to deal with Orin and Gortash. To retrieve Orin's Netherstone, players will need to unravel the Bhaalist plot in the city. Track down Dolor the assassin and defeat him to access the Murder Tribunal. Pass Bhaal's tests and enter the Temple of Bhaal to challenge Orin for her Netherstone.

Act 3: Get Orin's Netherstone Walkthrough

Confront the Elder Brain

Confront the Elder Brain Objectives
BaldurGet Gortash's Netherstone

Defeat Gortash at Wyrm's Rock Fortress to obtain one of the three Netherstones needed to dominate the Elder Brain.
How to Get Gortash's Netherstone
BaldurGet Orin's Netherstone

Defeat Orin at the Temple of Bhaal underneath Baldur's Gate to obtain one of the three Netherstones needed to dominate the Elder Brain.
How to Get Orin's Netherstone
BaldurHead to the Morphic Pool

Make your way to the Morphic Pool where the Elder Brain is being contained. Watch out for Cranium Rats and Intellect Devourer ambushes along the way.
BaldurConfront the Elder Brain

Perform the following ability checks to dominate the Elder Brain: DC20, DC25, DC30, and DC99. Only the DC99 ability check will matter since it affects the HP of the final boss.
BaldurSide with the Emperor or Orpheus

Speak with the Emperor inside the Astral Prism. If you have the Orphic Hammer, you can choose to side with either the Emperor or Orpheus. Otherwise, siding with the Emperor will be your only option.
BaldurChoose Who Becomes an Illithid

After siding with either the Emperor or Orpheus, you will need to choose who becomes the Illithid that controls the Netherstones. Choose between yourself or Orpheus. Otherwise, you can surrender the Netherstones to the Emperor.
BaldurBattle Through the Upper City

Exit the Astral Prism and battle your way through the Upper City. Meet your allies before defeating all the enemies at the High Hall Courtyard.
BaldurReach the Netherbrain's Stem

Once you mop up the remaining enemies at the courtyard, head inside the High Hall. Ascend its ruined structure to reach the Brain Stem of the Netherbrain. Climb the Brain Stem to trigger the final boss fight.
BaldurDefeat the Netherbrain

Use your Illithid powers to cast Karsus' Compulsion on the Crown of Karsus. Protect your ally from the enemies inside the arena to open the portal to the Unbreakable Will of the Netherbrain - BG3's final boss. Break the Netherbrain's will and prepare it to be dominated by the Netherstones.
BaldurDominate the Netherbrain

Choose to destroy the tadpoles and the Netherbrain or become the Absolute. Finish Baldur's Gate 3 by making your choice and shaping the fate of Faerun.

This is the final main quest of Baldur's Gate 3 and it is a point of no return. Wrap up your business in the Lower City before confronting the Elder Brain at the Morphic Pool. Side with either the Emperor or Orpheus and dominate the Crown of Karsus to end the Absolute threat once and for all.

Act 3: Confront the Elder Brain Walkthrough

All Recruitable Companions in Baldur's Gate 3

Act 1 Recruitable Companions

Companion Guides
Baldurs Gate 3 - AstarionAstarion Baldurs Gate 3 - GaleGale Baldurs Gate 3 - LaeLae'zel
Baldurs Gate 3 - KarlachKarlach Baldurs Gate 3 - ShadowheartShadowheart Baldurs Gate 3 - WyllWyll

Act 1 allows the players to meet and recruit the main cast of companions in Baldur's Gate 3. Of the 6, only Wyll and Karlach will not be immediately recruitable as soon as you reach the Ravaged Beach.

Act 2 Recruitable Companions

Companion Guides
Baldurs Gate 3 - HalsinHalsin Baldurs Gate 3 - MintharaMinthara Baldurs Gate 3 - JaheiraJaheira

During Act 2, players will be able to recruit Jaheira, Halsin, and Minthara to their camp by completing their associated companion quests. However, as of Patch 1, players will no longer be able to recruit both Halsin and Minthara during the same playthrough considering the recruitment conditions for each companion.

Act 3 Recruitable Companions

Companion Guides
Baldurs Gate 3 - MinscMinsc

Act 3 features a returning companion in the form of Minsc. Investigate the identity of the Stone Lord to recruit Minsc to your camp. As of Patch 1, Minsc and Jaheira's paths will be tied. If you forsake Minsc during his companion quest, Jaheira will follow, leaving you with one less companion in camp.

Main Campaign FAQs

How Long to Beat Baldur's Gate 3's Main Campaign?

Game Length Clocks In at 75-100 Hours

According to Larian Studios, Baldur's Gate 3's main campaign will take about 75 to 100 hours to complete. It is also important to note that the developers claim that the game will have 17,000 possible endings, all depending on the player's dialogue choices, companion interactions, and character background (origin).

What's the Optimal Quest Order?

Notif IconNotice from XGamer This section on the optimal quest order for the BG3 main quest is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

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