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Mod Introduction

Changes existing UI to enhance the current modding scene by removing intrusive in-game warning and enhancing character creation options. Also provides optional files that replace UI elements based on player feedback
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27/4/24 - ImprovedUI Assets update - more icons added.
- No update required for Hotfix 25

- Hotfix 22 update for ImprovedUI (no other updates required)

2/3/24 - Looking for ImprovedUI Dialogue? It's been moved to a new mod - UI Dialogue Framework

24/12/23 - Looking for ImprovedUI Showallitems? It's been moved to a new mod - Improved World Tooltips


- Other UI mods that change the same files can prevent this mod from working. See below for supported mods.

This mod is aimed at making changes to the overall user interface to improve usability as well as opening options to more potential mods. New video eventually.

Player Features

Prevents annoying story error message box appearing when using mods
Removes annoying reset tutorial/enable tutorials message box when entering CC
Character Creation tweaks: Redesigned Origin layout (the first screen you see when entering CC).
Character Creation Layout tweaks: Adds full Facial Hair Colour selection.
Character Respec tweaks: Adds Race and Background tabs, including racial passives that can be unselected then changed, and racial spells that can be switched.
(Keyboard only) Character Creation Layout tweaks: Adds multiplayer tab that nests the multiplayer UI for Single Player, and allows the joining pop-up to appear for hosts when opened.
(Keyboard only) CC/Level up Layout tweaks: Adds multiple scroll bars to Origins, Races, Subraces, Classes, Subclasses, Deity and Background selection for better support with modded options.
(Controller only) Character Creation Layout tweaks: Hides appearance options when not available, adds "all colours" tickbox for highlights.
(Controller only) Character Creation Layout tweaks: Adds slider values to options that have a numeric representation in the keyboard layout (Age, intensity).
Hireling tweaks: Redesigned Hireling layout (makes better use of the dead space).
Replaces existing Minimap with smaller version (75% zoom, takes up less space on screen) or no Minimap (leaving the relevant buttons).

Modder Features

Character Creation Layout tweaks: Removes head scroll limit. (Credit: Alana)
Character Creation Layout tweaks: Removes appearance tab restrictions allowing for modded slot use. (ex: Origin Hairstyles, Humans with tails)
Character Creation Layout tweaks: Changes Dragonborn Sorcerer Draconic Ancestry to allow for additional scale types.
CC/Level up Layout tweaks: Changes passive and equipment selection to turn into a scroll option when enough modded options are added - such as modded Eldritch Invocations. (Credit: Winterbrick)
CC/Level up Layout tweaks: Adds passive and spell selection to Races (previously limited to Class only) (Credit: TrumanHarp)
CC/Level up Layout tweaks: Changes Feat panel to have additional scroll options to support modded Feats with long descriptions and multiple options. (Credit: Lostsoul)
Level up Layout tweaks: Adds Skill selection to both Races and Classes (previously limited to Classes with Expertise).
Hireling tweaks: Adds multiple scroll bars to Hireling selection for better support with modded options.

OPTIONAL FILE REQUIRED - Custom Asset Features

Supports modded class/subclass icons, with a generic icon given to mods without a provided icon.
Dynamic support for class/subclass icons that have not been provided, the image name would need to match the class/subclass name in classdescriptions.lsx. (Credit: LaughingLeader)
Supports modded race/subrace icons, including custom names for Subraces such as Dragonborn.
Supports modded action resource icons for Keyboard - Hotbar, Tooltips and CC/Levelup.
Supports modded action resource icons for Controller - Tooltips, Action Radial "Cost:", Action Radial bottom resource bar and CC/Levelup.
Dynamic support for action resource icons that have not been provided and fallback support when no entries are provided for CC/Levelup and Action Radial bottom resource bar.
Better handling of action resources without icons, with placeholder stars added to each section and counted on Keyboard Hotbar. (Credit: juumeijin)
Supports modded background icons (instead of a square block). (Credit: NellsRelo)
Supports modded deity icons (instead of a square block). (Credit: Lostsoul)


Place both ImprovedUI.pak and any optional file(s) under "%LocalAppData%\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods" - no mod list entry required.


If added via Vortex/BG3 Mod Manager/manual install, ensure that the Story Fix (or a mod that includes it) is also added to work correctly.


As mentioned above, if 2 UI mods amend the same file, then 1 will not work properly. Here's a list of mods that are officially supported (as in, we've tested and confirmed working side-by-side):

Improved World Tooltips
Plus UI
Colorful Words
Immersive Controller UI
Basically any Pavelk mod at this point


Ensure "Enable gameplay stats tracking" is disabled in the Larian Launcher. To do this, click on the gear icon in the bottom left -> Untick:
This mod completely overwrites UI files generated by Larian Studios, which will cause issues if these are updated in a hotfix/patch, and other mods changing the same files will cause conflicts.

The latest mod updates will be available from GitHub first -


ImprovedUI contains amendments from many authors and includes amended versions of .xaml files originally from Larian Studios. We do not accept direct donations for the project, and we will include donations made on behalf of the project in this section. We would instead recommend supporting the following charities:

Doctors Without Borders / International Committee of the Red Cross
St Jude

Macmillan Cancer Support
Women's Aid

Donations Made:
15/12/2023 - Donated $500 and £100 to Salvation Army
30/12/2023 - Thanks! Received donation confirmation of $100 to Doctors Without Borders
14/3/2024 - Donated $500 to St Jude, £400 to Alzheimer's Research, and $250 to Rainbow Railroad
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