Tav's Hair Salon

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Collection of hairstyles. Mostly for elf/half-elf/drow/human/tiefling bodytypes 1&2
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Tav's Hair Salon
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Do not reupload my mods or any of the files included in them, not to other sites, not to discord servers.

Tavs Hairpack: Mostly for human/elf/half-elf/drow/tiefling bodytype 1 and for bodytype 2. 2 Hairstyles for gith bodytype 1. No vanilla hair is replaced so these are for player character only, you will not stumble into any NPC with the same hairstyle. Some hairs are just small edits of vanilla hairs that originally had clipping in ears for some elf heads I wished to use.

Autosnap Hairpack: For all bodytypes. Some hairstyles removed since EA version because of issues, NO physics

All hair can be loaded at once! Use at your own risk, I have tested hairs till getting to the beach. Hatstyles most likely won't be visible with these hairs.

With mod manager of your choice.


???If you wish to see icons for each hair in CC, use this patch made by perseidipity!
Multiple patches for different race mods are also hosted there! ???

Just disable in your mod manager, things will revert back to vanilla

Trips' Accessory Collection by Tripsadin with template from Piercing Edits by jerinski that I used to make my own "set" for personal use.

All the presets, edited clothes etc are my own mods. The clothes in early access era pictures are not available anymore cause my mod got broken so badly at launch. Many presets are also not available anymore or I have never even shared them to begin with.

Padme4000 for hair resource template and mod name!
Shinyhobo for modders multitool
Norbyte for Export Tool
Larian Studios for amazing EA game and assets
labotor & Aloija for I peaked through your files to know how to make icons show up in CC
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