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Mod Introduction

This mod adds a number of unimplemented spells into the game, some of which require Norbyte's Script Extender and can be partially configured to gain access to some spells rather than all at once.
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With this release, I've setup the ability to configure what spells you can gain through a .json file, the details of which will be found below. I'll soon™ be coming off my hiatus and start adding new spells since I've finished the game and finalizing a few other mod projects I've been working on.

This mod is one of the many that serve to add an additional selection of spells from 1st level spells up to 9th* level (including cantrips) for all classes and their spell list. Additional lists include the Spell Sniper and Ritual Caster spell lists for spells made in this mod. My purpose in creating this mod was to be implemented in a number of other mods (most  especially my own) to enable additional options, though it is entirely capable of being used alone for the 1st to 6th level spells for the base game. Some specifically require the script extender to work, which should be noted below in the list of spells but for those unable to use the script extender, there are the optional 5e Spells Spell List and 5e Spells Cantrip List mods.

Additionally of note, the spells that would serve as ritual spells added by this mod operate in a similar fashion by only those considered ritual casters, being Bard, Cleric, Druid, Wizard and Warlocks with the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation. Wizards in particular gain a separate ritual spell under the Common tab of the hotbar that allows them to cast any of the applicable ritual spells without needing to prepare them (includes Find Familiar as well for the time being). These work based off the DnD source material works rather than Larian's method for those using the script extender. There might be some hiccups that occur, however, so let me know if you run into issues with those ritual spells (Detect Magic, Unseen Servant, Water Walk and Commune With Nature).

* To gain access to spells above 6th level, you must use a mod that includes the spell lists from this mod. Otherwise, they will be unavailable.


If you're using the script extender, when the mod is loading up and just before reaches the startup menu, it'll create a 5eSpells.json file at the following location if there currently isn't one located there: AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\5eSpells\Script Extender. You can modify the file using any text editor like Notepad, Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code. Within the file, by default, you'll see a number of options falling under the "Spells" category, being "Cantrips", "TCoE"* and "5e", along with various levels from 1st to 9th for the latter two. Everything in the ,json is enabled by default due to being set to "true". If you change the text for one of the options to false or leave it empty, that should prevent spells of that given option from being added to spell lists. If you would prefer to set it up beforehand, you can also simply download the .json to abovementioned location from my github here by clicking the "Download raw file" towards the upper right hand corner underneath the History button. Be sure to create the "5e Spells" folder in "Script Extender" if doing it this way. Anyone is also welcome to contribute to the mod that way as well.

* This option, which is abbreviated from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, are a number of spells that were optionally opened up to other classes that were originally limited when the aforementioned book was released some time following Dungeon and Dragon's 5e edition first Player Handbook and the list of such can be found here for clarity or other websites. These are specifically limited to the base game spells. Additionally, enabling any of this section's 3rd, 5th, 7th or 9th level spells will result in every TCoE spell being added to the Bard's Magical Secrets (same applies to the "5e" section for this mod's spells).

List of Commonly Asked for Mods

Expansion - Created by me, contains level 13-20 progressions for all base game classes and some of their subclasses and includes the Wizard Bladesinger subclass. It is also configurable for some features
Unlock Level Curve - Another level 13-20 mod
Zerd's Rules as Written (RAW) - This mod changes spells to be closer to DnD 5e and is one I've contributed most of the spell changes from the 5e Spells Adjust optional mod to. FYI, you can select which features of the mod to enable so if you don't want everything it provides, you don't have to.
Homebrew Spells[s][/s] - Created by me, this mod adds additional spells not found in 5e at all as they are created by third party individuals.
War Caster (2014 and UA2) - Useful for those wanting the feat to work with more than just Shocking Grasp. 
5e Spells - Larian Durations - Adjusts durations for various spells to match that of base game spells.
5e Spells References: Valdacil's Spell Adjustments - A mod that makes quite a number of balance changes to spells in this mod and the base game.
Secrets Scrolls for 5e Spells - Adds scrolls with spells contained in this mod.
Actual Green Flame Blade - Name says it all. I've added a version of green to the cantrip but it offers alternatives.
Spell List Combiner - Helps in arranging the spells in alphabetical order and by level if that's desired since my method of adding the spells through the script extender goes against it (and have no idea where to start even attempt that on my own).
Minthra's Configurable Enemies - Adds spells from this mod to enemies.
Combat Extender - Another mod that add spells from this mod to enemies (personally in a better way).
Summon Initiative Fixer - If you would like to allow the applicable summons in this mod to share their turn with their summoner like they do in DnD 5e, this mod enables that. Applicable summons are Unseen Servant, Dust Devil, Healing Spirit, Summon Beast, Summon Shadowspawn, Summon Aberration and Summon Elemental.

With all of that said, the spells added in this mod are:


Booming Blade
Control Flames
Create Bonfire
Druidcraft - This cantrip can grant advantage on the next Intimidation check and remove/apply fire to items like torches.
Frost Bite
Green-Flame Blade - Finally has a green VFX thanks to VladmirXII. Check out a lot of his other awesome, VFX related mods!
Gust - This cantrip can push creatures or objects and can create a gust of wind that briefly distracts some creatures in an area.
Infestation - Requires the script extender to cause the random movement.
Lightning Lure
Magic Stone - Requires script extender to correctly apply the spellcasting ability modifier of the caster.
Mind Sliver - Credit to havsglimt for the tooltip icon.
Mold Earth - This cantrip creates mud surfaces or removes them.
Prestidigitation - This cantrip can clean dirt, blood and sweat off creatures, can remove some surfaces and can remove/apply fire to items like torches.
Primal Savagery
Shape Water - This cantrip can freeze water surfaces, can create an ice block to stand on and can teleport a water surface from one location to another.
Spare the Dying - This cantrip, while similar to the base game's Help action, has a purpose when using other mods that implement the Help action like it is in 5e DnD.
Sword Burst
Toll the Dead
Word of Radiance

1st Level Spells

Absorb Elements
Beast Bond
Cause Fear
Ceremony - The Bless Water spell container requires the script extender to work. You or the target must have a "Water" item in your inventory in order for it to be converted into Holy Water.
Chaos Bolt - Requires the script extender to work. Also, specifically haven't accounted for the ability to target a third creature or more currently (maybe never).
Detect Evil and Good
Detect Magic - You gain an aura that places a status on creatures that have spell slots within 9m of you. You also gain a temporary spell on the right side of the hotbar that allows you to place an effect on a creature that prevents them from hiding or becoming invisible while they remain within the aura's radius.
Earth Tremor - Specifically creates a mud surface to simulate the difficult terrain.
Frost Fingers
Tasha's Caustic Brew
Unseen Servant - This spell summons an invisible creature that cannot attack but can use the Prestidigitation cantrip and can interact with objects similar to an Arcane Trickster's Mage Hand. Considering adding in the ability to throw objects but without causing them to deal any damage (which excludes throwing healing potions).
Zephyr Strike

2nd Level Spells

Aganazzar's Scorcher
Alter Self
Borrowed Knowledge
Continual Flame
Dragon's Breath - Requires script extender to correctly apply the spellcasting ability modifier of the caster. Besides that, non-humanoid creatures don't have the appropriate animations from using the Dragon Breath action since it is made for humanoids (derived from Dragonborn's Breath Weapon attack).
Dust Devil - As a replacement for the secondary part of this spell's effect, it creates a fog cloud that follows it around after it enters a mud surface.
Flock of Familiars
Healing Spirit - Summons a (cat) spirit that must be within 5 feet/2m of a creature to allow the summoner to heal a creature. Due to certain limitations with checking for spellcasting ability modifier, simply gave the healing 6 charges, which is the max it would've given otherwise.
Kinetic Jaunt
Maximillian's Earthen Grasp
Mind Spike
Nathair's Mischief - Requires the script extender to work.
Rime's Binding Ice
Shadow Blade
Snowball Storm
[s]Suggestion[/s] - Removed from spell lists for the time being until I think of a suitable enough effect.
Summon Beast
Tasha's Mind Whip
Vortex Warp
Warding Wind
Wither and Bloom - While the script extender works, the creature using the healing spell will gain an additional amount of hit points equal to the caster's spellcasting ability modifier. Without the script extender, it'll use the creature's own Constitution modifier. If the character is a class that hasn't been accounted for, the healing die will be a d8.

3rd Level Spells

Antagonize - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell.
Ashardalon's Stride
Catnap - Requires the script extender to work.
Create Food and Water
Enemies Abound
Erupting Earth
Flame Arrows
Intellect Fortress
Life Transference - Requires the script extender to work.
Magic Circle - Credit to sumradagnoth8 for the creation of this spell. This spell is only close-ish to RAW for a few reasons. It can't exactly prevent teleportation or flying into the area but it will force the creature to make a Charisma saving throw or get knocked 5m out of the circle. Currently, you can't pick specific creatures to affect and there's no option to like "trap" creatures in the circle while everyone outside get the benefits but those two are potentially doable so will look into them in the future.
Melf's Minute Meteors
Motivational Speech
Spirit Shroud
Summon Shadowspawn - These summons can't climb various things like ladders and such due to the shadow creatures in the game lacking those animations, so you might run into issues on that front. To remedy this, I've given it the ability to fly and teleport to the summoner while outside of combat but the latter only works through the script extender.
Thunder Step - The explosion at your previous location has been accounted for in the script extender due to system limitations with teleporting another creature with you.
Water Walk

4th Level Spells

Aura of Life - Credit to havsglimt for the creation of this spell.
Charm Monster
Guardian of Nature
Raulothim's Psychic Lance
Shadow of Moil - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell.
Storm Sphere - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell. The projectile shot by the Storm Sphere is handled through the script extender to line up appropriately with the timing of the damage dealt. Without the script extender, it's done through the summon's interrupt which has a timing delay with the damage dealt but still works ultimately.
Summon Aberration - Credit to havsglimt for the creation of this spell. Note, only the Beholderkin option is available currently.
Summon Construct - Credit to havsglimt for the creation of this spell. Note, only the Metal option is available currently.
Summon Elemental
Vitriolic Sphere - Credit to nysisyn for the creation of this spell.
5th Level Spells

Commune with Nature - Since it working exactly like RAW isn't all that doable, it instead grants the caster expertise in the Nature and Survival skills for 100 turns. Not much but when comparing it to Skill Empowerment, which is 1 hour and requires concentration and lets you pick any skill, doesn't seem entirely outlandish. Especially with it being a ritual spell. Alternate suggestions are welcome however.
Conjure Volley
Far Step
Holy Weapon
Maelstrom - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell. Note, this spell involves the modification of the Deep Water surface to apply only burning to vampires (as it originally did during Early Access and was done to limit damage to everyone since that didn't make sense outside of the aforementioned vampires). As such, it'll conflict with any mod that similarly modifies the Deep Water surface unless compatibility is made.
Negative Energy Flood
[s]Raise Dead[/s] Largely redundant for the moment due to Revivify and it not being modified to differentiate currently.
[s]Rary's Telepathic Bond[/s] Potentially fixing later.
Skill Empowerment
Steel Wind Strike - The teleport action you gain after using the spell must specifically target one of the previously targeted creatures, even if the spell missed one/any of them.
Swift Quiver
[s]Summon Draconic Spirit[/s] Fixing later.
Synaptic Static

6th Level Spells

Tenser's Transformation - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell. It mentions causing exhaustion but that won't actually come into effect unless you're using a mod with exhaustion rules and such since its not in the base game and I didn't feel it was needed to implement in this mod.
True Seeing - Credit to drkekyll for the creation of this spell.

7th Level Spells

Finger of Death

8th Level Spells

Dominate Monster
Holy Aura
Mind Blank

9th Level Spells

Power Word: Heal - The part about the target being able to use a reaction to stand up from being prone is handled through the script extender.
Power Word: Kill

5e Spells Adjust

For those using the named optional mod (which has officially been Archived and won't be updated), the changes it makes to base game spells includes the following. Note however, I don't make plans to add any additional base game changes to it and was largely made to help fix some people's playthrough saves. You can also one of the other Optional mods in combination with this to adjust some of the changes back to the base game as desired (but if you're using both, it's redundant to have any since the base mod no longer modifies base game spells).

Barkskin - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Call Lightning - Changed duration to 100 turns instead of 10 turns and modified it to actually target a specific location instead of being able to use it anywhere similar to the source material. Rather than a thundercloud, it'll be the radius of the rain and creatures that can be damaged will have the status that allows them to be targetable by the temporary spell in the far right side of the hotbar, which will be free with the initial casting of the spell.
Chromatic Orb - Remove surface creation effects and increased damage of each spell of each level by one die (2d8 to 3d8, etc.), excluding Thunder damage which is the only one correct
Compelled Duel - Changed the duration to 10 turns instead of 3 turns
Crown of Madness - Changed the duration to 10 turns instead of 3 turns
Darkness - Changed duration to 100 turns and added an Item version. However, the Item version doesn't fully operate like the Cloud version, such as being prevented from being targeting or being targeted by those outside of the darkness area or being seen. The most it does is apply Blinded to those within its range and lowers the obscurity level to heavily obscured.
Daylight - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Detect Thoughts - Changed duration to 10 turns instead of until long rest
Disguise Self - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Divine Favor - Changed duration to 10 turns instead of 3 turns
Enhance Ability - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
False Life - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Feign Death - Changed duration to 600 turns (and added a dismiss spell) instead of 10 turns
Fireball - Changed area radius to 6m instead of 4m
Flame Blade - Change duration to 100 turns instead of until long rest
Fly - Changed duration to 100 turns instead of 10 turns
Fog Cloud - Changed duration to 600 turns
Gaseous Form - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Goodberry - Changed its hit point regain to 1 and number of berries to 10 instead of 1d4 hit points and 4 berries
Hail of Thorns (Fix provided by Djmr to apply the spell's effect on a ranged weapon attack specifically instead of within the spell itself)
Heat Metal - Changed it so it applies to a target's armor first instead of their weapons
Hunter's Mark and Hex - Changed the 1st level version to 600 hours from until long rest, so 3rd level and above become until long rest since any duration above 1 hour is kind of redundant.
Hypnotic Pattern - Changed duration to 10 turns instead of 2 turns
Ice Knife - Removed the ice surface creation effect.
Invisibility - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of 10 turns
Magic Weapon - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Mirror Image - I haven't made the change in this mod but another modder has to get it closer to 5e (though still not 100%). Check out their mod if you desire such a change.
Pass Without Trace - Changed duration to 600 hours instead of until long rest
Protection From Energy - Changed duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
Protection From Evil and Good - Changed duration to 100 turns instead of until long rest
Protection From Poison - Changed duration to 600 turns
Sanctuary - Added an actual spell save DC to the effect
Shield of Faith - Change duration to 100 turns instead of until long rest
Speak with Animals - Changed duration to 100 turns instead of until long rest
Speak with the Dead - Changed duration to 100 turns instead of until long rest
Spirit Guardians - Changed duration to 100 instead of 10 turns and increased the radius from 3m to 4.5m.
Warding Bond - Change duration to 600 turns instead of until long rest
How to Install

I would recommend installing mods using the BG3 Mod Manager, full stop.
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