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The Path of the Wildheart is a Barbarian subclass in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3). Check out our guide for how to unlock the Path of the Wildheart subclass, its features, as well as the best builds.

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Wildheart Subclass Overview

Wildheart Basic Information

Subclass Overview
Baldur Wildheart
Your attunement with nature and its beasts inspires your rage, empowering you with supernatural might.
Main Class Barbarian
How to Unlock Reach Barbarian Level 3.
Starting Subclass Features
・Grants the Speak with Animals Action.
・Unlocks Bestial Heart Mechanic which modifies your Rage.
・Land's Stride: Difficult Terrain
・All Barbarian Class Features and Proficiencies.

The Wildheart subclass allows Barbarians to empower their rage with Bestial Hearts to take on the powers of animals. These grant them unique abilities and passive buffs that make them powerful frontline attackers!

Wildhearts are also very mobile as, unlike other Barbarian subclasses, they don't suffer movement penalties when moving through difficult terrain thanks to Land's Stride.

How to Unlock the Wildheart Subclass

Available Once Your Barbarian Reaches Level 3

The Path of the Wildheart subclass becomes available once your Barbarian reaches Level 3. In order to earn EXP and level up in Baldur's Gate 3, players will need to complete quests, discover new areas, or defeat enemies they find in the world.

Wildheart Subclass Features

Wildheart Features
Speak With Animals Bestial Heart
Choose an Animal Aspect Land's Stride: Difficult Terrain
Choose an Animal Aspect
▼ Level Progression and Features Chart ▼

Speak With Animals

Subclass Features
Gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts.

At Level 3, Wildhearts gain access to the level 1 spell Speak with Animals which lasts until your take a long rest.

This is mostly a utility spell that allows you to converse with animals, which allows you to access unique side quests and even convince animals to side with you during a battle in some scenarios!

Bestial Heart

Subclass Features
Allows you to choose between 5 different options, based on animals.

Wildhearts get access to Bestial Heart at Level 3, which allows you to embody the powers of an animal when you use Rage from a list of 5 Bestial Hearts.

At Level 3, you can choose 1 bestial heart to embody and take advantage of unqiue skills and buffs.

All Wildheart Bestial Hearts

Level 3 Bestial Hearts Effect
Bear Heart Enter a rage that makes you tough enough to stand any punishment.

You can use Unrelenting Ferocity, and have resistance to all damage except psychic damage.
Eagle Heart Enter a Rage that makes you near untouchable.

Wildheart subclass can use Diving Strike. Foes also have Disadvantage on Opportunity Attacks against you, and you can use Dash as a bonus action.
Elk Heart Go into a Rage that frants you extraordinary swiftness.

You can use Primal Stampede, and your Movement speed increases by 4.5m..
Tiger Heart Enter a Rage that empowers your leaps. You can use Tiger's Bloodlust, and your jump distance increases by 4.5m.
Wolf Heart Enter a Rage so inciting it spurs on your allies.

You can use *Inciting Howl, and your allies have Advantage on melee Attack rolls against enemies within 2m of you.

From levels 4 to 12, you can also change your chosen Bestial Heart without respeccing your character with Withers. This is optional when leveling up and you can ignore changing your bestial heart if you're happy with your initial decision.

Choose an Animal Aspect

Subclass Features
Adopt the powers of another mighty beast.

At Level 6, Wildhearts can choose Animal Aspects that give great passives such as increased carry capacity or Advantage to Strength Checks.

All Animal Aspects

Level 6 Animal Aspects Effect
Aspect of the Beast: Bear The Aspect of the Bear infuses you with strength.

Your carrying capacity is doubled, and you have Advantage on Strength Checks.
Aspect of the Beast: Chimpanzee The Aspect of the Chimpanzee grants you a nimble mischievousness.

You gain Resistance to falling damage, and throwing camp supplies Blinds targets.
Aspect of the Beast: Crocodile The Aspect of the Crodile increases your agility in the water.

Your movement speed increases by 3m while standing in water-based surfaces.

On slippery surfaces, you also have Advantage on Saving Throws against being knocked Prone.
Aspect of the Beast: Eagle The Aspect of the Eagle enhances your eyesight.

You can see in the dark up to 12m, and gain Advantage on Perception Checks.
Aspect of the Beast: Elk The Aspect of the Elk grants you astounding swiftness.

You can use Aspect of the Eld, giving yourself and nearby allies extra movement speed.
Aspect of the Beast: Honey Badger If you're Poisoned, Frightened, or Charmed at the start of your turn, you have a 50% chance to begin Raging without expending a Rage Charge.
Aspect of the Beast: Stallion The Aspect of the Stallion creates safety in movement.

Dashing grants you temporarily hit points equal to twice your level. Can only have temporary hit points from the source.
Aspect of the Beast: Tiger The Aspect of the Tiger infuses you wish an unrelenting ferocity.

You add an additional Strength Modifier to Attack Rolls against Bleeding or Poisoned targets, and gain Proficiency in Survival.
Aspect of the Beast: Wolf The Aspect of the Wolf boosts your stealthiness.

You gain Proficiency in Stealth, and can use Aspect of the Wolf.
Aspect of the Beast: Wolverine The Aspect of the Wolverine grants you the tools to relentlessly pursue your prey.

When you attack a Bleeding or Poisoned target, you also Maim it for 1 turn.

Land's Stride: Difficult Terrain

Subclass Features
You have become an expert at moving through the wilderness. Difficult Terrain no longer slows you down.

At Level 8, Wildheart Barbarians get access to Land's Stride: Difficult Terrain which grants immunity to slowing down when traversing difficult terrain.

This is very helpful when traversing things like Grease placed on your feet or areas with shallow water that would normally reduce your movement speed.

Choose an Animal Aspect

Subclass Features
Adopt the powers of another mighty beast.

At Level 10, Wildheart Barbarians once again get access to another Animal Aspect they can embody to further customize your character.

Wildheart Level Progression

Lvl Features Unlocked Rages & DMG Proficiency Bonus
3 ・Speak with Animals
・Bestial Heart
3 Rages
+2 DMG
6 Choose an Animal Aspect 4 Rages
+2 DMG
8 Land's Stride: Difficult Terrain 4 Rages
+2 DMG
10 Choose an Animal Aspect 4 Rages
+3 DMG

Best Races for Wildheart


Half-Orcs are a great choice for Wildheart Barbarians due to their traits focusing on martial skills, as well as excellent survivability thanks to Relentless Endurance.

See in the Dark with Darkvision

Darkvision allows a Half-Orc Wildhearts to see better in dark places, and prevents it from getting penalty bonuses against enemies using the Darkness to obscure their location.

Survive a Fatal Hit with Relentless Endurance

Relentless Endurance provides great survivability to Berserkers, allowing them to survive a lethal hit once and instead brings them to 1 HP.

Increased Critical Hits with Savage Attacks

Half-Orcs' Savage Attacks allow Wildheart Barbarians to deal increased critical hits with their Rage, allowing you to deal even more damage with your attacks!

Best Wildheart Ability Score

Frontline Wildheart Ability Spread

17 (+2) 14 16 (+1) 8 8 10

Prioritizing Strength ensures you hit as hard as possible with your regular attacks and Rage, while 16 Constitution is ideal for higher endurance and stamina due to them fighting on the frontlines.

14 Dexterity gives you a +2 modifier when wearing Medium Armor and is better than the Barbarian's Unarmored Defense.

Best Wildheart Builds

This section is under construction!

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